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Sleep apnea takes a toll on brain function

When your memory is shot because you know you're not sleeping well...

Chris K.'s review of Hyun Bang, DDS

JAHA: Journal of the American Heart Association

Sleep Apnea is treatable. But when untreated, can be harmful, even detrimental. Seek a Sleep Physician in your area if you are snoring, not getting quality sleep, tired during the day frequently. A trained Sleep Dentist like Dr Hyun Bang can also be of resource to you.

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My most nervous patient gave me this today at the end of the appointment after telling me she did not feel the injection at all. What a sweet "scent"iment :-)

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Anxiety, stress could cause teeth grinding

If you are anxious, started taking anti-anxiety medication, seek Dr. Hyun Bang for advice on whether a properly made mouth guard is an option for you.

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SomnoMed on the Sleep Physician and the Sleep Dentist. Below is one of the top quality Home Sleep Apnea Testers - the Watch-PAT

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Interesting Facts about Marijuana and Oral Health

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5 heart problems caused by sleep apnea

20+ Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn’t The Worst Year After All

Happy 2016! May this year be filled with more love and kindness!

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