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Lyceum Partners + design is a global network of creative professionals that brings a design and human-centered approach to business development.  Who we are:

Lyceum Partners + design is a cross-sector practice in venture development and organizational effectiveness. We are business development practitioners with specialized capacity in Operations, Client Services, Research, Marketing, Sales, Fund Development, Talent Management and Technology.

What we do:

Lyceum Partners + design  engages clients and their partners in crafting solutions through informed deliberation and capacity building. Based on two decades of cross-sector work with clients from a range of global vantage points and market conditions, Lyceum Partners + design has developed a customized blend of solution technologies that drive ‘delightfully crafted results.’

Currently we are assisting our business partners with challenges and opportunities for growth including:

Capacity to Compete

Market Intelligence + Development

Strategic Sales + Marketing

Consumer, Customer and Client engagement

Partner Collaboration

Sustainability – Systems, Processes and Solutions

Leadership Development

Organizational Systems + Technologies

Resource Development + Acquisition



A Rap on Race: Margaret Mead and James Baldwin’s Rare Conversation on Forgiveness and the...

Our work as networked partners continues at a pace that allows for reflection. We have designed in this practice with much success. During one of these periods of reflection, we stumbled upon , "A Ram on Race" ( a conversation between Margaret Mead and James Baldwin. Anyone in a leadership role and especially teachers and business talent managers would be wise to take the time to read and reflect.

The Spring brings good news and great projects. We are currently engaged in developing a social venture Restaurant - "Feast -Table-Fork-Tribe" , a lean start up ( Family Foundation) , creating a new leadership offering for young leaders and consultation with a Financial Services group. Happy Spring

Anatomy of a Classic: Duck and Oyster Gumbo

"Perfecting Gumbo" -- 'diversity, innovation, invention & impact' - I have been trying for months to capture the essence of our thinking around the interplay between 'diversity, innovation, invention & impact' and I keep coming back to the same metaphor - "Gumbo" I would like to organize a group of 6-8 leaders who are willing to 'go to a new place' in the perfection of gumbo. afterwards, we can begin to open of the dialogue box on said subject. feel me?

Soul River Films - Soul River Runs Deep

As part of a new project we are developing which affirms the power of Fly Fishing mixed with the "fierce urgency of now" (MLK) - we found the work of Chad Brown Our idea is to use Fly Fishing as a working metaphor for 'diversity, inclusion, innovation, invention and impact' We are very close to recommending a Fly Fishing structured adventure as a portal into the discussion and great work. We are searching for a way to move forward and beyond the cerebral.

Is Myers-Briggs up to the job? -

The MBTI is especially useful when using its application to focus in on a point related to inclusion and valuing idenity. At the very least , the MBTI provides a context to discuss what it means to be a global citizen and local team player.

A conversation with Steve Phillips & Angela Glover Blackwell

Equity Speaks | Brown is the New White

2015: The Year Costa Rica Derived 99 Percent of Its Electricity From Renewables

This is promising and challenging news. Progress is indeed underway sobered by other realities that require attention.

Roland Fryer: Racial Inequality in the 21st Century: The Declining Significance of Discrimination

Novel Ideas – Tsutaya - Film

Curating design aesthetics .... this is an example of empathy expressed through design. We use these examples in our work to inspire and engage. Where does this example lead you in your own quest for inspiration?


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