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4438 Market Rd, Mechanicsville, United States



BKS offers a wide range of services to fit your karting needs. We are a Phantom Racing Chassis dealer as well as Gambler Racing Products.


Well we didn't quite have the weekend that we hoped for but it could have been a lot worse. After a long day of ups and downs we still ended up with some decent finishes. Looking forward to the upcoming races. Senior Stock- 2nd Stock Heavy- 11th Semi Pro- 2nd Pro Stock- 10th

$1000 REWARD to the person that knows who the low life is that STOLE two cases of tires from us at GKK Saturday night. The tires came up missing between 10:00 pm and 1:00am. Please everyone feel free to share this! This seems to be becoming a major issue and the people doing it are a disgrace to the sport!

Timeline Photos

Sitting pretty for the 5k... Gonna have to get up on the wheel!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

New look for 2016. Ready for GKK this weekend for Tristate race #1!

Timeline Photos