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Elephants DC

PO Box 21, Landenberg, United States
Non-profit organization



Elephants DC is dedicated to the advancement of elephant well-being & abolishment of ALL ivory trade. Ivory is not art. We oppose extinction-driven trade. We are resolved to save elephants from extinction for future generations. We defend elephants' right to exist in freedom and safety as the ancient guardian species of the earth. "E" is for Elephant - not Extinction.

We are composed of volunteers from across America fighting to ensure the elephant species survive mass acts of extinction currently underway in Africa at a rate of one killed every 15 minutes.

Elephants DC works to advance anti-poaching and anti-smuggling public policies at home and abroad while raising awareness through education, advocacy, and supporting reputable field organizations defending wild elephants from slaughter in Africa and Asia.

eDC works FOR elephants at the state and federal levels and in partnership with select NGOs and nonprofits to advance our mission and goals.

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