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Black and White Ride Share of Idaho

278 W. Quaking Aspen Ln., Kuna, United States
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For the past 8 years we have provided 54,000 safe and secure rides and cheaper then any other transportation service in Idaho.


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Timeline Photos

GARRINTEED a safe ride home

GARRINTEED  a safe ride home

We thank you for the calls to Keep us all SAFE

Im out of town AFTER 5 months of BEING layed up with a knee injury when you are old lol things heal slowly be safe i have had driver's on duty 24/7 for 8 years waiting FOR you to call at least save the number in you phone. Make the contact name zzzzzzhelp so YOU can go to the number fast save a friend SHARE this post if you care ABOUT them

So please be SAFE tonight work

Hey if you like metal and cheap alcohol you need to go to Ace's Place for metal night. I'll be out there so, safe rides home will be provided.

Hey guys share this page it could save someone's life. If you need us call (208)876-5309.

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Dont hurt someone because you know drinking and. Driving is. Bad thing dont do it

Photos from Black and White Ride Share of Idaho's post

Thank for the great responce 60,000 tipps all SAFE we want you to know soon you will have a. App for your Phone and in june we will need 9 extra drivers to get people safely home we will be cheaper than uber and you willl keep 90 percent of all the Money made in your car texted me if interested. 2085414611 thanks

Hey this is Juan Limon we are out and about. Don't hesitate to call us at (208)876-5309

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Have been here 24 hours a day since 2009 this is. 2017 8 years approx 2,000,000 miles safe trips

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Heads up all. Ernie is having surgery on his knee now. Please be respectful of this as it is a difficult time. If you call you won't get Ernie. Nope. Orders from his wife. You will however get one of the awesome drivers that we have standing by.