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We all are born with two eyes, but the third eye is in us all as well it is your eye of intuition are anticipation. Your eye of creativity. God’s Eye  The story actually started back in 1994 in the halls of a well know HBCU known as Paine College in Augusta, Ga. Two freshly recruited baseball players Dion Ware from Albany, Ga.  And Kenny Matthews from Detroit, MI met each other in the halls of Gray Hall the athletic dormitory at the small historically black college.  Their relationship started out relatively normal rooted in baseball and a love for hip hop and video gaming. But these two became roommates in there sophomore year of college and that’s when the ideas begin surfacing.  Kenny Matt was not only a gifted baseball player but he was also an amazing free-lance artist.  He actually design T-shirts and drew some covers for media material that circulated around the school. He was very talented with his artwork but would not totally commit to developing this talent fully.  Then you had his roommate also and exceptional baseball talent and young business major. Who was constantly urging his friend to use his artistic ability for profit along with others around the college.

But the idea of us displaying his talent first came in his art work where he would paint and draw portraits for different customers which worked out for a while but really was kind of boring in the end an unfulfilling. So the years went by and we got to the year 2006, it was at this time Dion Ware came across a brand new machine in the T-Shirt business called a DTG printer. Which basically printed full color t-shirts with ease so we thought.  We must have messed up a thousand t-shirts in The LAB we called it (my one car garage in Jonesboro).  We both had day jobs so we spent many sleepless nights in the LAB developing a product hot enough to sell to the general public.  

We actually started Horseman LLC at this time providing custom t-shirts too our customer using the best possible material so that our product would have a professional look and a comfortable feel we still stand by that today.  In 2007 we actually started seeing some success in our business we participated in trade shows, market selling and Homecomings for numerous HBCU’s in the area and then the economy crashed.  Man so during the next two are three years no one really had any money for any novelty items which in turn forced our young business out of service.  These events caused us to have to separate Kenny moved back to his hometown Detroit City and I stayed in Jonesboro. 9 to 5 life became a reality but we always said that if the opportunity presented itself again we would be ready.

Which brings us to the present 2014 Kenny Matthew while in his home town of  Detroit start developing his clothing line third eye clothing are presently known as 3DI fokus.  We all are born with two eyes, but the third eye is in us all as well it is your eye of intuition are anticipation. Your eye of creativity. God’s Eye that guides when one is focused.   I of course loved the concept and begin immediately helping him spread the concept as far as the eye can see.

The third eye is also in the Horseman Apparel design which is also coming back strong as you can see from our new e-commerce website.   So now we have the knowledge to push both companies into the stratosphere.  So old friends and new join the movement...