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Johnson County Fairgrounds

4261 Oak Crest Hill Rd SE, Iowa City, United States




If you like our winters farmers market. Our next market on April 8, 2018 will take place in Building B. It is next door on the Eastside of Building C. If you are a vendor please use the North entrance. If you are looking to buy you can still use the South entrance and park where you have been parking. Building C will be having a Post Card/Stamp Show on the 8th. Parking on the North side of the buildings will be tight, so parking where we have been parking is be encouraged.

November is almost here and so is the Johnson County Winter farmers market. First market is Sunday November 5th. If you are a vendor there is still time to sign up. If you are a patron...see you Sunday. Our hours are 11am-2pm.

The Winter Farmers Market is going to be opening on November 5th. Be sure to get your application in soon to be a vendor.

Photos from our Celebrity Bucket Bottle Calf Show. Do you see anyone you recognize?

The Sound Exchange entertained the crowd last night!!

Montgomery Hall Projects.

We have canceled the BMX Stunt Show due to weather

We are having so much fun at the fair. What has been your favorite part so far?

Laura Ernst is entertaining everyone at the fair today.

Monday night you tube of the Johnson County Fair

Fair photos on Tuesday at the Hog Show