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Happy first day of spring! Who's ready for the beautiful colors to blossom in Hillsboro?

Have you seen the 2018 City Council Guiding Principles and Priorities? See a few of the priorities below and view the entire list with more details here:

Help keep your home and the City's sanitary sewer system free from a costly back-up by knowing these 15 items to NEVER flush down the toilet. Our Public Works Department maintains 258 MILES of sanitary sewer lines, so let's all help keep them flowing freely.

Check out this beautiful photo of Main Street Bridge! Thanks for sharing, Lance Allen Reis Have a good night, Hillsboro!

Some book loving bees at Brookwood Library were saved thanks to recent action by City employees, local arborists, and a local beekeeper! Honeybees are crucial to our ecosystem, so when City staff learned the hive was in a diseased tree that had to be removed, they worked to find a safe new home for the colony! Thank you to all who took part in keeping the bees safe, including Northwest Tree Specialists and Jeff the beekeeper!

Congrats to Dan King on being named 2017 Hillsboro Firefighter of the Year! Thank you for serving our community! "He inspires us through his commitment to continuously helping others, and he is well deserving of the award.” - Chief David Downey

Happy Friday! Who's ready for a beautiful weekend in Hillsboro?

Affordable housing, 2018 Picture Hillsboro winner, and the Willamette Water Supply Program - It's all in the Council meeting recap from last night!

It's a beautiful sunny day, giving us a hint of spring! So check out the 3 Things to Know in Hillsboro video for March.