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DMA Enterprises, LLC Public Adjusting

18701 Grand River Avenue, #158, Detroit, United States
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DMA Enterprises, LLC, is a public adjusting and estimate writing company. DMA Enterprises, LLC, was created in 2004 by Daryl Motley, company president. Daryl started the company by writing estimates for public adjusters and contractors needing professionally written itemized estimates. Estimate writing was a huge success and the business expanded into a licensed, full service public adjusting company. Public Adjusters are your advocate in a residential or commercial property insurance claim. They negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, consult with you on the claims process, and educate you about your property insurance coverage. Essentially, they help you get the most for your claim by identifying things you overlook and things the insurance company will ignore. A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Building Construction Management, Daryl has more than 15 years of experience in the property insurance industry. He worked as an insurance claims representative for some of the leading insurance companies in the nation and can speak their language. Our competitive edge is first-hand knowledge about the insurance industry, which creates a significant value to our clients.



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