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Brooksey's Warren Ave

7625 W Warren Ave, Detroit, United States



A Bar you can Love, Enjoy, Dance, Eat, Drink, Unwind, Meet and Greet or give all occassional Parties or Events including Repasses and Reunions Reasonably.


Come out and TREAT yourself to a MAGICAL NIGHT with a MOTOWN HALL of FAMER " Mr BILLY DAVIS" ( please excuse the mis-spelling of mr. Harmonica Shah name and the name of the band it should be The Strictly Blues Band)

We hope that you will come down and enjoy yourself and celebrate this wonderful and New Beginning we going to look at everything positive with us for the 2018 much love much prosperity much more meaning to life and love to everyone peace love joy and happiness from Brooksey's Warren Ave in short I hope everyone finds their pursuit of happiness💞💞

Remember words are made up actions are what you do and if your going to be serious about it you need to show (do) what you talk about and not just talk about it! BROOKSEYS SAID THAT!!!

HEADS UP!!!! CABARET!!!! is on its way SPRING 2018!!!!! Brooksey's Warren Ave !!!! Checking into "BIG HALL" NOW!!!! There Will be SPONSORS!!!

Come out and join the fun and celebrations all is welcome!!

It goes down at BROOKSEY'S

We want to help!!! Anybody that comes to Brooksey's Warren Ave if you can afford it please bring some water for the cause! Even if you can only give 1 bottle....1 bottle can be given to someone!

This is what's happening at Brooksey's Warren Ave?



NEAR Brooksey's Warren Ave