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UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine: Community Practice

1 Garrod Dr, Davis, United States



We pride ourselves in providing excellent care and education to pet owners while engaging them in the educational process of our veterinary students. Welcome to Community Practice for small animals at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Our Community Practice service is comprised of two collaborating programs: Community Medicine and Community Surgery. The combined mission of the two programs is to provide high-quality, compassionate veterinary care as your pet's primary care provider from the time your pet joins your family through all stages of life. Community Medicine focuses on wellness care and disease prevention or management. We emphasize appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, proper nutrition, and behavioral tools to enhance and maintain the human-animal bond. Community Surgery focuses on spaying and neutering and other general surgical procedures such as removing bladder stones, closing lacerations, and removing skin masses.

Community Practice is unique because it is part of one of the largest veterinary teaching hospitals in the world. We pride ourselves in providing excellent education to pet owners while engaging them in the educational process of our veterinary students. While we focus on wellness and disease prevention, if your pet has a more complicated problem or a health crisis, you can count on us to make available all the specialists of the hospital. Emergency and critical care services are available 365 days a year.

You can contact us direct at (530) 752-9811


Great news everyone! We are once again a Certified Cat Friendly Practice. To learn more please visit

Hi Everyone! This week we will be featuring short videos for our cat owners. Including tips and tricks on how to get your cat to the vet with less stress on everyone. Tune in tomorrow for the first of 7 helpful videos.

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