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Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park

1370 El Camino Real, Colma, United States
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Lives are commemorated – deaths are recorded – families are reunited. Memories are made tangible – and love is undisguised. Cypress Lawn's two great strengths - beauty and reliability - generated a third, most important asset: the interconnection between the memorial park and the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. A dynamic relationship developed. Pioneers and individualists, and groups of immigrants from around the globe, brought their heritage and their energies directly and indirectly to the memorial park. A special community began to take form. The result was that, in addition to being an enormous indoor and outdoor art gallery, the park became a rich repository of Northern California history - and participated in the making of that history as well. Cypress Lawn's staff today, enriched by a variety of cultural backgrounds, is a living demonstration of social changes that took place over the course of time. But Cypress Lawn has always been a group effort. Hamden Noble did not guide the new memorial park through its early years by himself. He was surrounded and supported by a dedicated board of directors and board of trustees. These boards represented a high level of sophistication, accomplishment, and influence.


We're so excited about the latest member of the Cypress Lawn team - this beautiful trolley designed to escort our visitors around our grounds for educational and historical tours! Would you like to have a hand in naming her? Throughout the month of April, we'll be accepting submissions, and if we choose your suggestion, you'll win a prize - as well as bragging rights! Comment below or private message your choice of name.

Open for celebrations. Open to the imagination. Our beautiful and historic Noble Chapel is a venue for many occasions like an intimate wedding or other event. And with our reception room, the celebration can continue down the hall. To learn more, CLICK here:

We've been leading up to it for weeks now...thanks to everyone who submitted their guesses as to what our big announcement is. We're excited to let you know that we are welcoming a new member to our team - the yet-to-be-named Cypress Lawn trolley! She'll be used to give our visitors historical and educational tours of our grounds and facilities. Stay tuned to this page in coming weeks to learn more about the tours and maybe get in on naming her! And congratulations to Lynn Marie Black for being the first to guess correctly during our contest.

What is the Cypress Lawn Endowment Care Fund? Think of it as a self-generated insurance policy that ensures your family's legacy for generations to come. The largest fund of its kind in Northern California, it is also protected and supervised by state law and guarantees the perpetual continuation of the beauty and history of Cypress Lawn - and your family's story. CLICK to contact us to learn more:

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There's no greater gift for your loved ones than to preplan your funeral arrangements. And when you choose to plan for multiple family members at once, you'll receive our family preplanning discount. To learn more about the advantages of preplanning, CLICK here:

We've been a part of the Bay Area since 1882, and we will be around until 2082 and beyond! How can we be so confident? Because of the protection provided by the Cypress Lawn Endowment Care Fund. CLICK to learn more about what this is and how you can become a part:

Imagine being able to view your loved one's final resting place from anywhere in the world! Our website allows you to see 360º views of any gravesite, no matter where you are. CLICK here to begin:

The moments immediately after a loved one's death are critical, and how they are handled can have a significant impact on how quickly you begin your journey to healing - or whether you start down that road at all. If you need help coping, we invite you to download our brochure on the "Seven Keys To Help Heal After a Loss" by CLICKING here:

Happy Easter! For many of the families we serve, we know Easter has deep meaning for their religious faith, and for all of us, it's a wonderful time with family and friends. SHARE your favorite Easter tradition in the comments below.


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