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BCS Recording Studio

2802 Finfeather Rd, Bryan, United States
Music Production Studio



This is the studio you have been looking for.


TYT in the studio tonight working hard on a couple of new songs. We are listening to the finished results right now.

A really good night with Hollis recording and editing 2 of his new songs. Got a lot done in a short time.

Neka came in to sing a feature hook for Eric. As usual, she nailed it beautifully.

Kevin in the booth today with a new song and 2 others that we touched up. He is talking about releasing an album soon. He has certainly got the material.

Glad to have Eric in the studio this morning. We quickly recorded 2 verses on a new song.

Jose came in today and recorded a new song - his first time on my mic. Lots of effects and cool editing tricks so he will really be happy. He sang, and rapped in Spanish and English.

JT on the mix, making sure everything is right. A lot to record!

Josh dug deep and found a song tonight where there is generally pain. Bravo. I was glad to be part of that.

YSM in the studio tonight. 3 new songs. All recorded mixed and mastered in one night.

Lee brought his sister Leeosha to the studio tonight. She sang a hook and he rapped 2 verses. She has never been to a studio before, so it was fun trying to amaze her with the finished sound quality.

So glad to see Tokyo back in the studio. We added some effects to his hook.

Josh brought Fubuu up to the studio tonight. They collaborated on a song, and then Josh recorded another one with just him and his feelings hanging out.