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8105 Harford Rd, Baltimore, United States
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Divers Den was opened in 1958 at our present location by Joe Dorsey who became interested in scuba diving after seeing his first dive equipment at a local SEARS Department Store. Chaz, the current owner of the Den, took his first dive class with Divers Den in 1971 at the local YMCA. By 1975 he was so inspired he became a NASDS instructor and began teaching. In 1981 Chaz stepped out of real life and went to work for Anthony's Key Resort in Roatan as the resident photo pro and wound up staying there until 1989. Chaz's love for photography has long been his passion, traveling the world searching for the ultimate photograph(s). His works have been published in National Geographic, Skin Diver Magazine, Scubatimes, Ocean Realm, Parade, The Sun Magazine as well as, The Sun and City Papers. In 1995 Chaz was awarded the SSI Pro 5000 Platinum Certification. That was also the same year he purchased Divers Den. The rest is history.  Today we have become a diverse training facility, teaching open water diver courses through public safety diving. We have worked training the Baltimore City Fire & Police Department dive teams and many of the local Public Safety Divers. Our logo says "Discover the other 3/4ths of your planet...Learn to Dive" however, before taking a scuba class ask yourself, "Do I want to "Learn to Dive" or do I want to be a Diver!!! There is a world of difference.  


Diver's Den is now a SDI as well as a PAdI dive center

Congratulations to our newest Rescue Divers, earning their certification in Baltimore,s harbor 48 degree water with 4 feet vis.

Customer Appreciation Party, Saturday, December 3rd, at 1pm.

Diver's Den's, Customer Appreciation Party,Saturday,December 3rd. starting at 1PM.

Fun day of diving with David Huntley at Hyde's Quarry. water temp. was 53, so that was not bad but the air was 39 degrees and gusting at 40 mph., so it felt warmer in the water. Maybe next month I'll break out the drysuit!

Looking to travel? We just received a shipment of new Pelican cases! These are the sturdiest way to tote all that dive gear and weigh 40% less than the original Pelican cases. Less weight for the case means that you can pack more.... Check them out!

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