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Auburn Tavern

346 Hooksett Rd, Auburn, United States
Bar & Grill



Tavern in Auburn, New Hampshire Whether it's date night or you have family and friends in town, make Auburn Tavern your choice for phenomenal seafood, pasta and Greek dishes. Seafood is naturally good for you, and it's a smart choice for healthy eating. We make it easy to enjoy a delicious meal that fits into your healthy lifestyle. Our servers are attentive, our prices are reasonable, and our portions are generous. Experience our delectable food created by our talented chef, and enjoy drinks in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We offer soup by the cup or bowl and salads with a variety of dressings. Share an appetizer while you sip your drinks, then order one of our sizable entrees for dinner, and enjoy the incredible view while our chef prepares your dish. Lighter appetites may order from our light/side menu. For the best traditional steakhouse meal you'll enjoy in Auburn, New Hampshire, stop by Auburn Tavern. Our restaurant is newly renovated to provide the best dining experience for our patrons. In addition to lunch and dinner dining, we offer custom banquet meals for your special occasion, whether personal or corporate.

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Have you ever had dolmadakia? They are similar to eggrolls, except grapevine leaves are used as the outer layer and are stuffed with rice, vegetables and any meat you would like. These are very filling and healthy.

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"Pub Grub" is a standard of many British style pubs, and includes items like fish and chips or shepherd's pie. Surprisingly, this is a fairly recent addition to British pubs, starting in the 1950s when some pubs would serve a "pie and a pint."

Did you know that bobbing for olives is considered a party game at some Greek parties? Greece, behind Spain and Italy, is the third largest producer of olives in the world. The physician Hippocrates was known to use olive oil to treat a number of ailments and, at the time, olive oil was widely believed to have healing powers.

Modern pubs tend to be themed and cater to particular clientele, yet are equally entertaining. Some pubs are sports themed and are filled with multiple TVs to catch your favorite team. Pubs can even be Irish themed, biker themed, rock themed, and so on. You might even be able to hone your singing skills in a karaoke pub.

It's one more week away from Fat Tuesday!! Starting after 4 pm Specialty Entree's for $12.95: Shrimp Creole New Orleans Gumbo Jambalaya Specialty Cocktails: Fat Tuesday Rum Runner Captains Hurricane Madri Gras Kiss Other Great things: Great Give Away's Beads Did I mention Beads Oh and Beads Hope too see everyone here at the Tavern!

After the demise of the Roman occupation of Britain and the collapse of the Romano-British kingdoms, Roman inns were turned into one-room alehouses. These alehouse became so popular that King Edgar had to slow down the expansion of the establishments by limiting one per village.

Seafood is a lower-calorie protein source than meat or poultry. Lean fish, such as cod and flounder, have fewer than 100 calories per three-ounce portion.

Hope everyone had a great valentines day yesterday! If you didn't make it out to eat last night come join us for our Fish and Chip Wednesday Special---$10.99 Fried Haddock Dinner.

Are you interested in a healthy meal without a lot of calories? There are plenty of seafood choices that fit this profile, including shrimp, oysters, claims, fish and shellfish. Remember that bake or broiled dishes will contain fewer calories than fried options.


Dr. Peter Thompson of the University of Oxford has written that “Tavern-going was as important a part of the social fabric of early America as churchgoing.” He adds that, even in the most obscure communities, Americans visited a tavern regularly if not daily.

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