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Russ Williams Muay Thai Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA. Wrexham Caerwys & Deeside

3 Abbot Street, Wrexham, United Kingdom


ad learn effective defence techniques, get fit, lose weight.
Classes in Wrexham Town Centre, Caerwys & Deeside leisure centre  History
Russ Williams-
Travelled to Manchester to learn the sport with Ronnie Green & Master Toddy from Thailand  who brought Thai Boxing to the UK & was an expert in Thai Boxing & Tae Kwon Do
Became Wales’s first & most experienced Thai + Kickboxing Promoter/Instructor
Has taught instructors & helped them set up clubs throughout the North Wales + Cheshire areas.
Was filmed for a documentary on the Welsh TV, and has since been featured many times in news items, sport coverage, guest on shows, up to full hour programmes.

Has been featured in local, national/international newspapers & magazines hundreds of times.
Started his own successful fight night promotions and has promoted shows throughout the North Wales, Cheshire Area. Has helped many fighters gain experience up to World championship level.
Was the first to promote Ricky Hatton as a fighter
On his own telivised promotion sponsored by the Daily Star, successfully won an Undisputed World Kickboxing title against Rico ‘Rocking’ Brockington from Palm Beach Florida USA.
To celebrate was invited down to the Houses of Parliament to have lunch with the Minister for Sport.
       Traveled to instruct a seminar in Finland & has since traveled the World, to instruct, as a fighter, as Welsh representative or accompanying his own fighters. Places paid to visit- Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan, Honolulu Hawaii, Moscow, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Holland and the USA.

       Took one of his fighters to fight in front of a crowd of 25,000 people in Japan on live TV.
Started his own security company to help prevent trouble in local pubs and nightclubs.
Was the 1st Thai or Kickboxer in Britain to have his fights on video, and sold in High street shops. Double DVD is now on sale
Is also a Professional Boxing trainer.
Was the 1st person to promote an event in North Wales to be held in a Cage rather than the traditional Boxing ring
Had an autobiography written about his life by Best selling Author Conrad Jones.

•   Victims of bulling or crime to give them the confidence to help stand up for themselves & to keep away from trouble.
•   People to control their temper & avoid antisocial behaviour.
•   People achieve their goals, whether it is to lose weight, to get fit, to increase their defence capabilities or to help people to become Instructors or champions themselves.

What the experts said
•   Russ is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and tough fighters I have ever seen
•   In addition to being one of the Worlds top fighters, Russ has a magnificent heart and passion for a fight which gives him the strength and resilience to absorb terrific punishment but still battle on to victory.
•   Russ is a true World Champion and an example to everyone in the Martial Arts with his skill and dedication to the art both inside and outside the ring.



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