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The Whitty Theatre

Luckley House School, Wokingham, United Kingdom
Performance Art Theatre



Luckley House School's brand-new 174-seat professional theatre in the heart of Wokingham, Berkshire. Wokingham's brand-new 174-seat professional theatre


Well done to all the great participants in Spotlight On Berkshire's Talent today, including some of our very own @Luckley students

The fabulous Splendid Productions are with us on Wednesday with METAMORPHOSIS. Perfect for anyone studying GCSE or ALevel Drama. 4pm.

The drama continues! Luckley Drama teachers studiously preparing for the visiting exam moderator.

Luckley House School's Senior Drama Club present their inaugural production The Granny Project TONIGHT 6.30pm! Free admission.

A day of technical rehearsals for Luckley House School GCSE Drama exams

Luckley House School Good luck to our A-Level drama students in the scripted exam today

The production team hard at work in rehearsal for the Luckley House School Senior Drama Club performance next week

Are you normal? Gregor Samsa is. He has a nice normal job and a nice normal family and lives in a nice normal house with normal wishes and normal dreams and a nice normal future to look forward to. That is until the day he wakes to discover he has turned into a giant insect. In a new creative adaptation, Splendid Productions get their scrabbly little insect legs on Franz Kafka’s chilling story of dislocation, mutation and isolation and transform it into a slithering, creeping, wriggling, delightful, comical, tragical, musical, physical theatrical adventure for everyone who has woken up wondering: has the world changed, or is it just me?

The end of a fabulous weekend of live music at The Whitty Theatre, culminating in some stunning choral performances by the A440 Choir with beautiful dance and photography.

Continuing our musical weekend, today we welcome the A440 Choir for Earth, Sea & Sky


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