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Green Gables Guest House Windermere

37 Broad Street, Windermere, United Kingdom
Bed and Breakfast



A well established bed and breakfast in the beautiful Lake District providing clean and comfortable accommodation at a very reasonable price.



Many, if not most, of our visitors come from countries outside of the eu - mostly China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. - in other words - far away. For that privilege these visitors are prepared to pay quite a lot for a UK visa. We do not expect our business to change dramatically irrespective of whether we are in or out - and I don't think that we are alone.

Things have now started to get very busy. Next possible day off is in July and then the next one is in September.

Don't spend enough time on here -keeping people updated etc. There are times, however, when it becomes a necessity. So in this case. The majority of people we get through our doors are lovely but we occasionally get the odd a***h**e who causes problems. That happened to us this last weekend and this post is to publish details and if you know of anyone in the tourism and leisure industry please let them know about this individual so that they can either avoid or ensure that they are not cheated. I refer to a gent by the name of Colin Hope who left without paying, gave card details at the time of booking which proved to be invalid and has since refused to accept any of our phone calls. He lives at Southview, Eastgate, Bishop Auckland, DL13 2HT. His telephone number is 07923911091. He even boasted that they go away once a month - I'm not surprised if they keep refusing to pay for it. The police have refused to help. If you leave a shop without paying for an item it is regarded as theft - if you leave a hotel after enjoying their amenities and food without paying it is treated as a civil matter - why? If this sort of behaviour annoys you and since Mr Hope now recognises our number - why not call him and let him know what you think of him.