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Creative, Digital, Marketing, Fish ➢   Looking for creative design? – Our fin-tastic award winning design team can dolphinitely help!

➢   Get in-tuna with your audience with the help of FishCameraAction! We can deliver any-fin from business TV to graphic animations, to kelp you bring a bit of ‘pizzazz’ to your message!

➢   Want to get your customers or employees hooked? I bait we can help! Why not put on a carporate event? No one cod organize your event batter than us!

We’ve got a boat-load of solutions… so get onboard with us! Have a trawl through our website to sea how we can kelp! It’s never too lake!



Those small hands have made another appearance. Or this is a watch for an actual giant.

A couple of days ago Charlie found a box of biscuits hidden away at the back of some cupboard. They were obviously one of Tessa's stash of treats that she regularly hoards away, but then forgets about. And yes, on this occasion, she had forgotten about they had passed their 'Best Before' date. This isn't the first time we've found Tessa treats that were out of date, but normally it's just a few months possibly up to a year. Not this time though. They were a whopping 7 years out of date!!!!!

Well, that's an awkward placement for his face...

If those dimensions are right, then they must be the smallest hands ever.

Louis had a friend come and visit him at the office today. Meet Alfie...


Beer can styling has certainly come a long way. With all the small craft breweries popping up, they need to try and make their products stand out in a highly competitive market, and for that, they are employing designers and artists to come up with some beautifully designed cans that they hope to be 'instagram-worthy'. Here's 30 of the best looking beer can designs in the US...

Something about that smiley face makes me think they're not being sincere when telling me to drive safely...

Love this animated login window...

Clever advert by Coca Cola. Those aren't actually bubbles.

I’m back!!! If you’ve been missing our FB updates, I apologise, however I’ve been sunning myself on the other side of the world. And what a day to get back on to Facebook – as it’s International Women’s Day - a day to celebrate the achievements and successes of women around the world. With that in mind, think it’s only fair to celebrate the achievement of our very own company leader – Jane. Not only does she manage to juggle a busy family life which includes running around after a husband and 3 kids, she has also managed to create and build a successful creative marketing agency over the past 8 years. What started as just 2 people in living room has grown into a thriving agency that consistently produces great work for fantastic clients who keep coming back to us. This is obviously down to the work we produce but also down to the service we offer and relationships we build, all of which is instilled in and led by Jane. And when she does manage to find time away from work or home life, she also manages to squeeze in some charity work, being on the board of an Autism charity whilst also actively helping with a local CIC. She’s a tour de force. Here’s to Jane and to all women – Happy International Women’s Day.

When you're designing something, you need to take into account how the document is being printed and finished. For instance, it is common in magazine printing for something to be 'perfect bound' (as opposed to stitched) as it's ideal for thicker documents. However, when a document is being perfect bound, you have to consider the margin along the side being bound because the pages don't open flat. Without that consideration, it means that valuable information can sometimes creep into what is known as the 'gutter' and be unseen. This designer didn't consider the binding when creating this design and thought that putting text 'edge to edge' was a good idea. And that's why they've ended up with this...

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