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If you have been flight delayed by 3+ hours over the last six years, get in touch with us for the simplest way to claim flight delay compensation! Frustrated With The Airlines?

Many of our customers come to us when they have given up trying to claim for themselves. Tired of the airlines citing reasons not to pay or just ignoring you completely? Backed by the leading law firm in the UK on flight compensation, the airlines have to deal with us when we file our claims.

Our claims process is the most comprehensive available and the reason why we’re successful in 97% of the cases we manage.

Make you flight claim, today!


#TravelTuesday Part 5 of the #Travel #Photography campaign is based on portraits! Finding Beyond and JetsetMar Photography divulge their tips on taking portrait photographs when travelling! Portrait photography is a great move into learning while on the move. But while rewarding, there is lots to consider; is it intrusive to take photos of people around their homes without permission? Do 'posed' photos lack authenticity? Click the article for tips!

Part 3 of our 'Unsung Destinations in Europe' series is Riga, Latvia! Boasting lots of impressive titles, Riga has been voted the fifth best European destination in 2018 by European Best Destinations, was the European Region of Gastronomy in 2017 it has the official stamp of approval from UNESCO, and the highest concentration of stunning #ArtNouveau architecture in the world! If you like Latvia, Latvia likes you #Riga #Latvia

#FridayFeature The second part of 'Unsung Destinations in Europe' is Turin! Visit Turin It is the birth place of Fiat cars, Campari liqueur and even the choc ice! EUROPE ( #Turin #Italy

Fancy a city break that's less obvious than the typical Paris, Rome and Amsterdam choices? Welcome to our 'Unsung Destinations in Europe' series! First up: Ghent, Belgium Visit Gent The place that Lonely Planet calls 'Europe's best kept secret'! #Ghent #Belgium

Part 3 of our #travel photography series focuses on the Urban. See where - Travel photography blog made in Melbourne and around the globe, RoarLoud and Teatime in Wonderland (en) go to scope out the best cities and #streetart. Global Street Art

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Here's our contribution to #SunsetSundays .... the various stages of the sun setting at no other than the famous Mambo Ibiza #Ibiza

In the latest twist on the recent influx of animals on a plane stories, a student flushed her 'emotional support' hamster down the toilet after being refused boarding a flight with it. Please please please do not ever flush animals - alive or dead - down the toilet. And certainly not if you need the animal for emotional support.

Pilot shortage - who's going to fly our planes?

#FlightCompFlies to.... Slovenia! Charlotte from HQ spent a year living in Ljubljana, Europe's Green Capital of 2016.... EAT: AZUR tratorija s picami serves the best pizza I've ever eaten, and has a huge variety to choose from! DRINK: Nebotičnik Skyscraper is centrally located within the capital with a rooftop terrace offering beautiful views of Ljubljana whilst sipping on a coffee or cocktail. STAY: Best Western Premier Hotel Slon has lovely big rooms and is perfectly located. On arrival we were greeted with the option of a glass of fizz or orange juice. If you're on a budget, Hostel Tresor - Ljubljana - Ljubljana is still ideally situated and offers shared and private rooms. Best off the Beaten Track: We took a bus from Ljubljana Bus Station to visit Lake Bohinj which is absolutely stunning, perhaps even more so than Lake Bled, and less touristy. There is also a ski centre located nearby for during the winter months. Attraction Worthy of the Hype: Lake Bled is beautiful and is lovely to swim in during the summer. Don't forget to try a slice of Bled Cream Cake (or two) while you're there - it's simply amazing! Do you have any #Ljubljana tips? #Slovenia #TravelTuesday

A super eco-friendly new easyJet plane? They'll need to paint over the orange with green...