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LOKitti Ragdolls

Castleford, West Yorkshire, Castleford, United Kingdom
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LOKitti Ragdoll Cat Breeder, I breed Ragdoll cats as a hobby, they are so loving and have fabulous natures, welcome to LOKitti world xxx


Little Prudence in her new home 💕 thank you for the photos Brett and Katie 😻

I hope she’s resting because there might be some little fur babies inside her... exciting times xxx


Mi Gary likes the snow 💙

Prudie says Hi 💗


Happy Valentines Day from LOKitti xx

Safe journey Dumbledore and Molly B, be good for your new mummy, missing you both already, love you lots, I know your going to be loved loads. 😥 xxx UPDATE: They have arrived at their new home in Dubai, and getting lots of love and cuddles 😻❤️

The gang ❤️

Best of breed and 2 firsts 😺⭐️ xxx

Best of Breed for Mi Gary and 2 firsts, he lost out on his Cc to a Maincoon, so pleased with my big fella 💙

Well, Mi Gary is at a show tomorrow, he starts his new journey to his imperial grand premier title, fingers crossed 😻🍀 xxx