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Dawn Waldron Nutrition & Coaching

16 Modest Corner, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom



Nutritional therapist and life coach channelling seventeen years of cancer survival into helping you revitalise your health and happiness after diagnosis. My insatiable interest in human health is both personal and professional – the result of half a century inside a body which has never obeyed the rules, and a mind that wants to know why. I work with people facing daunting health challenges - primarily cancer - and my practice focusses on 3 simple ideas: eat better, think better, live better. Of course, I'm a qualified nutritionist and coach, but being a cancer survivor gives me an extra understanding of my clients' emotional and psychological journey and makes me an empathic and inspirational mentor. Please explore my website, read the blog, and make an appointment to see me if you're ready to change not just your health but your whole life for the better.



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