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Garrion Garage Transport Ltd

2 Ayr road, Stonehouse, United Kingdom
Transportation Service



UK and European refrigerated transport specialising in chilled and frozen foodstuffs


Straight through check in and into lanes. Not often like this

Time to get the show on the road

Been a warm one today

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First time I've seen them all parked together. Merry Xmas all

Photos from Garrion Garage Transport Ltd's post

Just read this on another page im on My experience one night a few months ago. Posted it elsewhere so have copied and pasted it. I've just picked up a load of medical supplies from a small company just outside of Spain, sometimes it's potatoes, sometimes cheese, other times its bringing machines over on a low loader but tonight it's medical supplies going to an NHS supply chain warehouse in Leeds. I get near to the road into the docks in the middle of the night, dimly lit roads and nothing but other trucks on the road and a few people walking down the side of the road, stopping to stare as you drive past. You know from experience there is safety in numbers so when i spot another few trucks going the same way you quickly keep up and join with them, all keeping close. A couple more trucks join behind me too. As we all move up a hill my truck is a smaller engine and I have a lot of weight on tonight and so a gap starts to develop. I've dropped it a gear but it's not enough to keep up with the front of the pack. Suddenly, shadows moving in the verges, you are a bit tired so maybe it's just your eyes playing tricks on you...nope, your worst nightmare. A group of around 6 people just casually walking, deliberately in front of the have a decision. Slow down but then open the gap further or plow on and risk killing someone, instincts kick in and I slow down. The two trucks behind me swerve to the right and somehow manage to carve a path through the herd of people. They arnt going to fall into the same trap. I'm now alone, foreign country, middle of the night. I quickly put my foot on the accelerator but it's too late, I can already see then pulling bits of trees into the road to block me off. The truck won't go over them so I'm forced to stop. I am now surrounded and the 6 have turned into 20-30. Just appeared from the bushes. I notice many have bats or planks of wood, others have chains. I'm not sure but I'm convinced I even see a few other weapons move through the crowd in the darkness and shadows. Do I slam it into reverse, run over the people behind me? A few of the people are now shouting at me in a foreign language, tapping the truck with their sticks...they want me to get out of the truck... Next I hear someone climbing the back of my truck and I can hear the sunroof being pulled at, he is trying to rip it off the mountings to get in. Scared now I'm just sat frozen unsure of what to do. Luckily I spot lights in the darkness behind me, I can hear truck horns blowing and realise that the next convoy of trucks have now caught me up. They pull in all around my truck forcing the crowd of people to scatter and one of the drivers/his co driver jumps out of the passenger side of his truck, a baseball bat in hand. He swings it at a few of the immigrants that get too close and he manages to make it to the branches and pull enough out of the way to make a gap, he shouts at me to get moving. I do and the other trucks follow me through the gap. No idea if the other driver has managed to get back into his cab safe or not but I feel like the guy has just saved my life. If they had not of turned up I would have probably been dragged from my cab and left at the side of the road. These arnt immigrants, people scared for their lives, they are monsters. One of the trucks overtake me and I give them the thumbs up...not much of a thanks for what they have just done for me but it's the best I can give them, the driver just nods and winks at me then takes lead of us and we successfully make it past the metal gates of safety a little while after.

Tip, loaded and up the road