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Winston House School of Cookery

Standish Court, Stonehouse, United Kingdom
Food Consultant



Cookery courses carried out in the beautiful 16th Century home of Carolyn Denny in the hamlet of Standish in Gloucestershire



Certainly need an abundance of these this next week or two! Few G&T’s for starters me ghinks😉🎄

Scrummy freshly made marmite and pork sausage puff pastry rolls - lined the pastry with cranberry sauce too - have to say they were particularly delicious - warm from the oven - can’t beat it! Yes or no to Marmite?

Arnold Bennett.... the Wolseley- my favourite breakfast place in the world ... so far🤔

Why is it every year I can’t find my all important festive cutters so I buy some more .... and then they all turn up at once 🤔Be able to open a shop soon. Mince pies are so vogue right now 😉🎄

Great Saturday bread bake of with Amanda, Matthew and Anne - first time at home baking - big smiles all round! The Thai curry with authentic green curry paste went down a storm too! Happy Day!

Nothing like a little butter shortbread pastry fresh fruit tartlet - made and finished for enthusiastic consumption by Huw at a Winston House Dessert Masterclass - excellent work!

Got some friends together for a lunch this week and linked it to @cookforsyria - every little helps! Menu included a spicy Freekeh, roasted peppers, aubergines, fillet of lamb with a shallot Hummous dressing and of course a a delicious red rice pudding with rose water and cardamom👌inspired by a visit to Borough Market last week and a food demonstration on 'grains' by the very enlightened @jennychandler. Take a look at the 'cook for Syria' website for ideas for hosting a lunch!

Have had the most amazing 3 weeks in India - Rajasthan, Agra, Jodhpur, Delhi and Shimla - researching, enjoying and learning all about India and it's amazing cuisine - spent a few days staying in a wonderful Shimla home were I spent time in the kitchen with 2 superb Indian cooks - I learnt so much more about the countries food history and how they use spices, prepare and cook their dishes - obviously I will be sharing in my future cookery programmes!

Blackberries this year have never been so good - just going to get better (along with the sloes) - I always make the crumble on a baking tray and add as and when - great to have in the freezer! Delicious😋

A cheeky little tuna salad for lunch today - simple but delicious!

Over the last few months Ive been trying to cut the sugar and dairy to the extent of making my own Almond Milk which I have to say is delicious! Always a lot of almond 'pulp' left - Not a lover of waste so this recipe for a Blueberry, Cardamom and almond torte is ideal for using up every left over bit! Gluten free too - if you'd like a recipe copy let me know!

Straight out of the oven - declared the best pitta breads around! Soft and doughy but a light crisp crust too - Nigella seeds provide eastern magic too👌


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