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Stappit Fu

A92 layby Montrose road by Gourdon, Stonehaven, United Kingdom



We are proud new owners of the country kitchen!  Come see us for some home made soup, sandwiches, baked tatties, burgers..


Stappit fu -smell’s great this afternoon tomorrow’s soup on, it was very popular 2 weeks ago. Cullen Skink

One of our favourite & most loyal customers has gotten a new job away from this area so he came in to bid us farewell! Good luck Gary we will miss you!

Soup- mushroom Special- fish and cheese sauce with mash tatties

Special Today Mince tatties skirlie and veg Pies £1.50 Mince Mince and skirlie

Soup-tattie Special Today Corn-beef Hash Tray baked Rocky rd Fudge slice Tiffin Stick date crispy cake

Step we gaily on we go Heel for heel & toe for toe Daffys for sale at the bus! Some haven’t bloomed yet 50p a bunch!

Happy Sunday folks, come in by for a feed!

They call me a shepherd....😂😂😂😂😂

Stappit Fu Sheep Syne...

Just out of oven Pies- Chicken and skirlie Chicken and mushroom Chicken Curry Macaroni All £1.50 Special Today Macaroni and Cheese

Monday’s Specials Mince n Tatties Tomato Soup 😋