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Kippen, Stirling, United Kingdom
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Hi I am James, I'm offering a dog walking service covering the following areas:

And Stirling


we managed to complete our 30 mile run today! so far we have raised £225! massive thank you too all who has commented, shared and donated :) Help us reach our £1000 goal by donating.

National puppy day today so here's a video of puppy Mylo's first swim! Super puppy.

Balfron and surrounding area. We have space for your dog's in our pack. Hour long group hikes for only £10. (Discounts available for multiple dogs) Message now to enquire. 🐶🐾🐩🐕 #AdventureDogs — Products shown: 1 hour group dog walk (2nd dog 1/2 price) .

No space on the couch for me #doggydaycare

Part 2 What an amazing day.

Yesterday's afternoon walk Part 1. Too many amazing pics for just 1 album.

Jacob does not want to cool down just yet. But scout loves to take a dip. The muddier the better for her 🐶😂🐾🐾

Yesterday's morning walk Wow🐶

How many tails can you see? (Zoom in)

14 years young and making up to the top of hills no problem. Every dogs need an adventure 🐶 #AdventureDogs #collie #DogsThatHike

Loved having wee Mylo stay for a sleepover. Had the best cuddles from this wee guy.

Mylo and the girls enjoyed today's sunshine. Even had a dip in the water. I love seeing the bonds that develop between the dogs. #bestpals #adventuredogs


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