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A gym like no other: Personal, friendly, on time, in time, every time.
Specialising in pre and post natal
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So another great week kick ass work from @cunningwayne losing 7lbs so far and 2 1/2” off waist and all this without having a 100% strict plan cos you know what life happens but commitments keeps the track ... great week from Imran 2 lb loss and keeping the focus of activity and work striving on through the 6 weeks plan... jimmy losing 1” off waist again in just 4 weeks and again without sacrificing everything from life enjoy a social calendar it proves anyone can be a hero guys and gals ... great work also @adamchurch86 for keeping to his plan daily workouts however early and with babies I can relate mate so so proud good work ... it takes a person to make a change not us as a trainer you have to commit to wanna do it right ... thanks again to you all much love see you on the dance floor #tinman#hq#urpt#bodymatters#southendpt#fitness#health#train#transform#educate

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When getting up at 415 am is normal and finishing last clients at 9 pm is a typical day it makes me think of trainers that are saying they are busy ... and I think so I need to be busier and I have to stop and start and continue ... goal setting is simple find what you want to achieve and set that target if it’s weight loss or amount of weight lifted it’s still a target ... we all strive for different things what sets us aside is our commitment to the task ... so 5 am club here we come let’s get it going and get started with something new and good to chisel at some fat woopa #5amklub#pt#personaltrainer #urpt#hq#fitness#health#shred#summerbodygoals

The Nurses Health Study of 89,538 women between the ages of 34 and 59 found that women who drank between 3 and 9 alcoholic drinks per week had a 30% higher risk of breast cancer than non-drinkers. Since alcohol raises estrogen levels in the body, it is likely that increased estrogen levels may have contributed to the increased risk. To maximize health, make every effort to minimize excess estrogen in the body with daily exercise, and a healthy diet. Be sure to have your hormone levels checked using a saliva test (blood tests do not measure the cellular level accurately) to determine if you are at greater risk for breast cancer due to excess estrogen.

Fort minor........they know

Studies show that decreasing inflammation within the body not only helps prevent many chronic diseases but may also help prevent migraine headaches. Specifically, Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has been proven effective in minimizing migraines by 50% in 61% of test subjects. Other possibly helpful anti-inflammatory supplements include Curcumin, Quercetin, Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), Silymarin (milk thistle), Feverfew, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Adequate sleep and melatonin levels are also crucial in controlling migraines. To minimize migraine headaches, experiment with the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory supplements.

When u look through the past you see a journey and anything is possible we all just need a push or a kick ... myself included Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had some great support from family and friends alike and realising that just work alone isn’t the path to happiness I have to say though I take pride in my work and watching people’s results and efforts to make a change is great and commitment to action is the most important Take a chance and see if some short term pain can make a long term gain .. family are everything to me and this week has really become reality x love to all and let’s make the family greater per day#urpt#hq#bodymatters#pt#fitness#train#educate#transform#passion#health#southendpt

When faced with calorie restriction, the body automatically reduces metabolism to ensure survival, which slows weight loss and is the cause of "plateaus". Consume a low carbohydrate... by this I refer back to my previous gi and gl post about keeping to those carbs about 50 points or below a high protein diet combined with exercise to help increase metabolism after calorie restriction to avoid gaining back lost weight. The combination of protein and exercise signals the body that the crisis is over, and it is safe to burn fat instead of saving it for famine conditions. 12 weeks to a better you

Fort minor........they know

Fort minor........ they know

Fort minor........they know