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Happy Pawz

40 Sycamore Way, South Ockendon, United Kingdom
Pet Service



Happy Pawz friendly ,reliable service for all your  lovelies needs, fun ,comfortable and relaxing stay,or a lovely time out,fully insured and 5 Star Boarding license awarded.


Naughty Jack nicked my Mavis, but she stick she has it back now though x

Morning all from a grizzly Belhus Park, we have a new boy who joins the Thursday morning walk his name Zach. X

Double date walk with Mr Mayes, Who bought the ones in doors out but, while I was collecting the walkers. Crazy happy Pawz ❤️🙈🐶😂🐶😱🐾🤗

Like I’m sure Mavis wants another brother

Interrupted by the door going,Little Mr Marshall turned up❤️

The three wise monkeys, chilling on the settee, and also laughing at the silly little pugs. X

Mavis and Marshall out for an evening stroll x

Fight club 🤕❤️🐶🐾🙈💪🏻😂

My one and only Mavis ❤️🐶❤️🐶🙈😴

Naughty little pug, sits like that, look so sweet and jumps off and has a pee on my rug🙈🐶❤️

Little Miss Honey is helping Tilly with her homework❤️🐾🐶📚🗒✏️📝❤️

Not quite as cold today, but still bloody chilly. With the crazy crew. X