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Streetsbrook Road, Solihull, United Kingdom
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Tuesday at 09.30 and 11.30 in Solihull. Weds in  Cheswick Green at 09.30. Thurs at 09.00 in Hockley Heath. Please message or ring for details.
Come along to a friendly and welcoming group to find out about a flexible, easy,
straightforward and filling plan. You can set your own target and be sure of
complete confidentiality as well as a huge amount of support. In fact once you
get to target we like you to carry on being a part of our group free of charge!
Amazing results from eating unlimited free foods without any counting ,
measuring or weighing. What are you waiting for?


So we are now just short of 3 months until the start of Summer 🌞 👙🕶 and wouldn’t you love to learn how to eat lots of delicious food AND lose weight before the warmer weather arrives? Get that body beach ready? 13 weeks - just think of what you can achieve.... 1lb a week = 1 stone gone 2lb a week = 2 stone gone 3lb a week = 3 stone gone 😮 Come along and get started!

I am five years a Slimming World consultant on Sunday and it has caused me to reflect a lot on how life can take such unexpected turns - some tragic, some uninvited, some lucky, and some due to hard work, some wonderful, some just unfair and some full of endless possibilities. At the time I became a consultant I just thought it would be a good thing to do, help others achieve what I had achieved and work for myself! To be honest I also needed a focus and something to do. The reason I do my job now is because lack of self esteem and the lack of love of oneself is a heavy burden for so many. Physical ill health (the reason I joined and no more an issue), depression, self loathing, for a wedding, to be a fit and healthy mum, dad, grandparent, to feel a million dollars, all manner of reasons to overcome something which prevent individuals from living life to it’s fullest. Most people are lucky enough to have others love them but they aren’t the people who criticise you or think you should change. You can do that well enough yourself. Slimming World has changed my life - hugely in terms of my physical well being but also so much in terms of my mental well being. I actually like myself ☺️ I’m by no means perfect and I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I would like me as a friend! I am actually proud of myself. This isn’t a ploy to get you to join my group if you need and want to lose weight, but I am always delighted when someone comes through the door and there are loads and loads of other groups if mine don’t suit and you want to join. Whatever you do start by liking yourself like your best friend does! 💕

Old Edwardians Rugby Club, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull on Tuesdays at 09.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Or Hockley Heath at 09.00am on Thursdays. Doors wide open for new and returning members alike and a friendly smile for everyone!

This amazing man has lost 15 stone - mind blowing weight loss! Paul Robert Golder must have felt totally overwhelmed when he walked through the door but he has shown nothing but commitment despite challenge after challenge. His lovely wife Rachel Golder has supported him all the way losing 2 stone herself. I am inspired by them every single week. Well done you superstars! 💝

If you see this and want to join a group and never have - be brave. You will be warmly welcomed and you’ll realise that the first step through the door was the hardest thing about it. If you used to come and life got in the way just know that the biggest compliment you can pay to a consultant is to go back to them however many times it takes! I would be delighted to see any of you walk through my door so take the plunge and do something that will change your life for the better! 💝

How about some food! Nothing banned, just lots of no nonsense, honest to goodness, nutritious meals. Parmesan chicken with butternut squash waffles and coleslaw. Roast Lamb Dinner. Omelette and salad. Chicken curry with spinach and rice. Cottage Pie. Rice pudding with berries. Baked beans, jacket and salad - from Sainsbury café. Beef stew, mash and green beans. Bolognaise sauce with chilli penne. This is the life!

The lovely Grace-Marie Dooley! Stunning always but feeling really good about shedding 28 unwanted pounds! Two dress sizes smaller and feeling so much more confident and so she deserves to. Well done x

I’d like to introduce you to Grenville. Target member in our group and manages his weight loss beautifully around lots of socialising. It helps that he is a great cook! Well done x

Meet Janet. Janet is a Diamond member having maintained her target weight for over a year (over two years actually). The change in her husband shows how family members can benefit so much from the lifestyle change that SW brings. Janet still comes to group, helps out and manages to maintain her weight loss around countless cruises! Well done x

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉 Meet Jack. He has lost over 6 stone and changed his life for the better. Gorgeous inside and out he has achieved his weight loss by making that commitment to group every week. Well done Jack you are an inspiration x

Jon is a lovely member in our group and has made an amazing difference to his health and well-being. He is well on the road to target - you can do this too!

Some of the Solihull Team out promoting this morning. So lovely to see so many current, past and prospective members and those who don’t need to lose weight but are interested in heathy eating!


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