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Est. 1973, Waters & Stanton Ltd are specialists in Amateur Radio, Electronics & Communications. Est. 1973, Waters & Stanton Ltd are specialists in Amateur Radio, Electronics & Communications.



Sound Recording 1960s Ham Radio I was first licensed in 1960 and the band that I cut my teeth on was the 160m band. It was very much AM and CW using either home built equipment or modified WW II gear. I have fond memories of those days. My original QTH was Hornchurch in Essex and I was interested to come across a sound recording made around 1962, of ham operators on 160m, both mobile and fixed stations. All of the call signs in the recording I recognise! The recording is on John Petters (professional drummer) Sound Cloud site. If you are interested in listening to the recording, check the link below. Peter Waters G3OJV

30 Amp Analogue Power Supply Every ham radio shack needs a power supply. And this is one that we have recently taken into stock. It's one of the very few analogue power supplies still on the market. Analogue means heavy duty transformers and no RF generated noise. It features variable voltage from 3v to 15v and can deliver current up to 30 Amps. This is a nicely built item and is smartly finished in an attractive casing. Check out the price Peter Waters G3OJV

MFj-1982MP 80-10m End Fed Antenna This is a new item added to the MFJ range of antennas. It's an end fed design that can be used with modern transceivers that have a built-in ATU. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 Ohm coax and can easily handle 100W. A modern transceiver with a built in ATU should work fine. The antenna is a full half wave on 80m, in other words it is 132ft long. Now this may sound too long for many gardens but before you dismiss it, there are several possibilities to consider. A half wave antenna has maximum radiation at the centre and so you could install the antenna as an inverted V. This would require just one central support and the antenna would be fed near ground level at one end. This would significantly reduce the space needed to install the antenna. Another possibility is an inverted L that again would reduce the horizontal span to less than 100ft, dependent on the height. And to reduce the length even more, you could drop the far end of the L horizontal section vertically, and this would perhaps mean that you would only need around 65ft. The MFJ-1982MP is certainly an antenna to consider and at our current price, offers a serious answer to those who would like to operate on all bands including the lower ones. Peter Waters G3OJV

The FT-818 Arrives The new FT-818 is now in stock and it looks - well - just like an FT-817! That's not surprising I suppose because it is an update rather than a new model. Yes it has a new model number but it could equally have been the FT-817 Mk II. But there are improvements and the one that will interest may is the addition of the 5MHz band. This band is now becoming very popular. You also get a maximum power out of 6W. That's less than 1dB. They have uprated the battery a little and also given you a high stab. reference oscillator. Essentiasl for data modes. Yes it is definitely an upgraded FT-817. My only dissapointement is that they were not able to add an auto ATU. I guess it might have added too much in cost. However, there is an answer - the Elecraft T1-A which we will be happy to supply. Together with the FT-818 (or FT-817) gives you a highly versatile portable system. Check our price. Peter Waters G3OJV

The FT-818 First Impressions The new FT-818 is now in stock and it looks - well - just like and FT-817

Heil Headset Does You Credit It is often not appreciated just how basic the factory hand mic is that is supplied with ham radio transceivers. That is why so many hams have turned to Heil in order to improve their signal quality and talk power. Yes, specially designed microphone can actually make your signal. not only sound better, but also sound louder. But let's go a stage further. Hands free operation can be so much easier and comfortable. It allows you to operate your PC keyboard and of course the controls on your radio. So take a look at our most popular headset, the ProSet-6. It's all that you need to improve transmitted audio quality and give that extra punch. We can also supply the adaptor to suit your radio. If in doubt, call us on 01702 206835 Check our Price! Petr Waters G3OJV

Programming Software Programming a radio can be a real headache. Dipping into the menu systems and trying to follow the instructions can be a drag. And there is always the risk that somehow you may lose all that work because you have to reset the radio for some reason. We stock a range of software together with the USB leads that allow you to easily carry out this task using your PC. It's not expensive and saves hours! Check it out.

SAVE THIS WEEKEND ON ELECRAFT KX2 READY BUILT From 6th to 9th April we are offering a significant saving on this world beater of a QRP transceiver. Check this great price NOW! Peter Waters G3OJV

ELECRAFT K2 10W HF TRANSCEIVER One of the very best QRP transceivers on the market. This radio is still in current production. Here we have a very clean example that has the optional SSB module fitted and also comes with the matching microphone. Includes DC lead and the original handbook. Peter Waters G3OJV

YAESU VL-1000 Amplifier Yet another amplifier has just come through our workshops. This is a real gem and has had very little use. It is in immaculate condition and is boxed with all the leads. A really nice buy that will complete many Yasu ham radio stations. Peter Waters G3OJV


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