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We are a world-class business school community. Embedded in a world-class university. Tackling world-scale problems. Oxford University's Said Business School is a place where we study how successful businesses appreciate the rules of the game - written and unwritten, but then we study how they can create new games altogether - through entrepreneurship, innovation, and huge infrastructure programmes. As a part of Oxford, we don’t just talk about how business interacts with the broader world, but we experience it as we engage with Oxford colleagues from many other backgrounds and with the broader business community.
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Oxford Saïd Alumni Blog

We're thrilled today to launch a new blogging platform for our alumni in conjunction with Oxford Business Alumni Network. Take a look to see what alumni from a variety of our programmes are up to now, and to read about their journey in business so far.

Oxford Saïd partners with Education and Training Foundation for new programme

We are delighted to announce a partnership with the Education and Training Foundation to deliver a new programme, the Further Education Strategic Leadership Programme. It will be open to Principals and CEOs across Further Education and is designed to help tackle some of the sector's biggest current issues.

Rethinking retirement: MBAs win GOTO Summit with radical plan

What does the future of work hold, and how can we adapt to it? Our MBA students tackled these uncertainties as part of the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) programme, culminating in a summit in March. From the shortlisted groups, one group of MBAs won with a radical plan.

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This week's United Airlines PR disaster could have been avoided, according to Oxford Saïd's Rupert Younger, co-founder of the Finsbury Group. Read his thoughts in CNNMoney here:

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Investors want more reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance factors but need better data to inform investment decisions

Oxford Saïd's Bob Eccles has published a revealing new study about how a lack of ESG data affects investment decisions.

Tonight on Twitter

Oxford Saïd's Tim Cullen will be on Tonight on ITV this evening at 7.30pm to discuss how the Brexit negotiations will affect Britain. Tune in and tweet @OxfordSBS #BrexitBritain

Entrepreneurship stories: inploi

Ever had trouble getting part-time work as a student? One of our alumni confronted the issue by starting inploi, an algorithm-based app designed to make finding and advertising for service sector jobs much easier than handing out CVs.

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A belated huge congratulations to our wonderful OUBC team who secured Oxford's 80th win against Cambridge in the Boat Race on Sunday. We are especially proud of our two Oxford Saïd MBA students in the Blue Boat, Matt O’Leary and Olivier Siegelaar, and Dušan Milovanović who competed in the winning Isis boat. Congrats team!

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Are you looking forward to the Boat Race on Sunday? We have six Oxford Saïd students in the team! Harriet Austin and Jessica Glennie will race in the women’s Blue Boat; Matt O’Leary and Olivier Siegelaar will compete in the men’s; Dusan Milovanovic will be in the men’s Isis boat; and Jake Cushnie competes in the men’s spare pair event. Good luck to all and we will be there supporting the Dark Blues!

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67 by Edelman: Ideas & Communication Podcast

Why 'decency' in leadership should not be a dated term: and how a lack of it in some areas of politics will impact our future leaders.

Diploma alumna Habiba Greenland wins Worshipful Company of International Bankers’ Prize

Another award for an Oxford Saïd alumna! Congratulations to Habiba Greenland, whose research into leadership behaviour within financial services institutions following the 2008 financial crisis has won the Worshipful Company of International Bankers’ Prize 2016.

Can A CEO Job-Share Work?

Can a CEO job-share work? Oxford Saïd's Tim Morris and Michael Smets discuss in Forbes this week.


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