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Waggy Tails

24 Grangeville park, Newtownards, United Kingdom
Pet Sitter



Petsitter/dogwalker hi im lisa and am a registered with NARP and public liabilty insured I love dogs and have five of my own,ive been involved in voluntary rescue for over three years,im delighted to be able to do a job I love and make lots of tails wag :)



Everypawdy 😀

Finn's stash today 🤣🤣

Awwh everypawdy say hello to teddy and Jovi they joined us for a walk today two awesum pawsum pups 😍

Toby and Harley were delighted to see aunty Shannon today 😁

The twins Judy Tessa angel Ollie and diesel 😀

Angel Tessa and their big bud Hendrix 😀

Ollie and the twins meet diesel 😀

Everypawdy say hello to diesel what a cutie 😍 he's come to stay with us for a bit and is very excited to meet everypawdy ❤️

The twins and Ollie 😍

Big handsome boy duke was back for a walk today and we will see him again on Friday 😍

Merlin Luna Judy and Ollie 😀