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Isabel Rose Farm

Isabel rose, Newquay, United Kingdom



Isabel Rose farm is about conscious sustainable ethical farming.  


So I never expected to have so many of you comment or show us how wonderful our community of friends and family are... We are truly blessed to have so many people offer support and help when things are rough... Good news is we are still all standing from remedial works and the remaining 7 piglets are going strong and staying close to mum Edna... Once again our heartfelt thanx for picking us up when we were truly on our knees... ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ (both physically and emotionally) xxx big love guys

I want to share something with you guys... here on the farm we all joke and say thank a farmer because they feed you, we all joke about working 365 days a year because the animals need feeding (Yes even on Christmas Day, or my birthday) we all joke about who's turn it is to go out for the early feed or fetch the pig that has escaped and is roaming our neighbours fields... BUT The storm last night turned over 3 of our pigs houses, with pigs living in them, one blew into the fencing and destroyed the pen which meant the pigs got out! The pigs needed fetching, The fence needed fixing, the houses needed turning upright and mending and then fixed to the bases again! Worse than this our babies got out of their farrowing house and lost in a pen behind their mum and they died... two piglets dead! It's brutal and heartless and "just the weather"... so I cried for the senselessness of it and I cried for the exhaustion and hope that I can save the others tonight and tomorrow as the rain continues to fall and the wind continues to blow! Stay safe guys and if you see your farmer friends... truly do thank them for all they provide, it's not easy!

New Year's Day spent bringing these little beauties into the world... welcome to 2018 babies! 💕🐷💕 well done Edna you are a natural and so very very proud of you xxx 9 beautiful full pedigree large blacks and the first of the "Defender" blood line to Isabel Rose Farm

Bathed in glorious sunshine whilst it's pissing it down with rain and blowing his beard sideways! Happy new year from all of us at Isabel Rose farm 💕💕💕💕

Pigs in blankets... well it is nearly Xmas 🎄🎄🎄

Tell me again... what is this "social life" 😂

Amazing... if your going for turkey instead of gammon we will forgive you! Support your local farmers, these gals are in perranporth... and doing free range the right way... let us know if you want some turkey 🦃

Snow or no snow... that is the question! Light flurries this morning but nothing too dramatic ❄️❄️❄️

Agree with this little beaut of a statement!

Well it wouldn't be the end of the evening if Elvis didn't pull a pint... Jackie Ellery just for you

Loving it... great night out! Jackie Ellery hope you had a great night 💕


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