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Conquering the cold

World Vision UK's social media manager, Kate, journeyed to Jordan last week with bloggers to meet just a few of the 230,000 Syrian refugees living there who are in need of help to get through the winter. We're asking supporters to go without their coats on 10 February to raise money for Syrian refugee children.

Lebanon's First Snow | World Vision UK

Temperatures have dropped in Lebanon as winter arrives, leaving many children wearing inadequate clothing and footwear to deal with the cold. Following the first snowstorm of the season, we spoke to some of the refugees about the desperate daily challenge of trying to stay warm. You can help us continue to provide aid and warm clothing by visiting #BarefootCoatless

Lebanon's First Snow | World Vision UK

Barefoot Coatless

As the Syrian crisis goes into it's 6th year this March we're working with celebrities, bloggers, supporters, and MPs to tell the stories of the children caught up in the conflict, and fundraise for much needed aid and supplies. Here are just some of the photos of the children affected and people we've met. You can find out more about the campain on our website and by following #BarefootCoatless on twitter and instagram. We also took bloggers Rosie ( and T ( to Jordan in January, and you can read about their experiences and the families they met on their blogs.

Barefoot Coatless

The days of feeling unsafe are over now

‘Most nights we slept afraid’ After losing their mother, 12-year-old Ndawona and her five siblings were left sleeping in a mud hut covered with dry grass. The poor condition of their shelter meant that it leaked every time it rained, forcing them to stand up in the middle of the night, and the lack of a door was a constant risk to their safety. But thanks to a local Health Committee trained by World Vision, the future is now looking brighter for the young family in Mozambique.

Water is life

For father-of-four Ali, fleeing the conflict in Syria was only the start of his families’ hardship. Reaching the relative safety of a refugee camp in Lebanon, it was the difficulty in obtaining safe water that was not only a daily struggle, but also a real health risk. But thanks to a World Vision ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ programme, the availability of clean water is helping to keep Ali’s family and the wider community healthy.

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Join us on 10 February by going without your shoes and coat to stand in solidarity with children paying the cost of war. Set up your own Barefoot and Coatless fundraising page and ask your friends and family to join you in fundraising to keep children like Adib warm. You can find out more here:

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Refugees in Serbia | World Vision UK

Since last September, we’ve reached over 100,000 refugees in Serbia - many of whom are families with young children who are suffering huge disruption to their childhoods due to the conflict in Syria. Parents tell us of the violence they’ve left behind, and the hope to better their children’s lives, that has driven them to make such a difficult journey to Europe. You can help us continue to provide aid and warm clothing by visiting #BarefootCoatless

Refugees in Serbia | World Vision UK

Freezing in the cold

“I just want to die mum... just let me die,” said eight-year-old Aya. The heartbreaking stories are endless. And all of this is happening in Europe. Sitting in the middle of an empty field near the border-crossing between Serbia and Croatia, Rima, a Syrian refugee is in tears as she describes how she felt when her eight-year-old daughter Aya begged her to let her die. Brenda Yu travelled to Serbia to hear their story…

Finding Peace

Children have a way of finding their own peace and, almost every day for the last two years, brothers Phouch and Liev have found theirs on the football pitch. But no amount of football can change the fact that they live in circumstances that no children should have to endure. Two years since arriving at the UN protected camp in South Sudan, we find out how they’ve coped.

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Thanks to sponsors, four-year-old Herlinda can enjoy her peanut and rice soup, with fresh vegetables grown in her school’s greenhouse. Before greenhouses, meals were made mostly of potatoes, and children in her community were often malnourished. But now, new types of vegetable can be grown all year round so that Herlinda and her school friends can eat healthily!

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A dream of education

“I want to motivate all girls like me, who have to face a bitter reality every day to chase their dreams.” How do you choose between going to school and supporting your family? This was the decision facing Lima after her father fell ill. It wasn’t until a World Vision project came to her area of Bangladesh that the 16-year-old could once again attend school and follow her dream of becoming an engineer.

Staying warm in Nepal

In December, as the winter in Nepal began, World Vision was in Sindhupalchowk, a region near Kathmandu that was heavily affected by last year’s earthquake, distributing winter and baby kits to families with young children. We met some of the mothers who were getting by in makeshift shelters, but who needed extra warm clothes to help keep their children safe and healthy as the temperature continues to drop.


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