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The Collar Club

Unit 14, Brookmill Complex, Branch Rd, Darwen, United Kingdom
Pet Sitter



Join the fun and book your dog in for their free 4hr trial � all dogs welcome.
Call us on 01254261300 or message our page for more details.


🌟WELL DONE MUSHY MAN!! 🌟 We are proudly announcing our newest top dog!! WELL DONE HUGO!! 🐾💕🐶

We've got a lot of tired pups now 😴❤️🐶

Busy Fridays 😍🐶🐾

Thursday fun 🐶🐾❤️

Silly boys 😂🐶🐾❤️

So much fun at The Collar Club 🐶🐾

Good morning everyone 🐕❤️😁

We had some crazy, messy fun today playing with sand, cardboard and paper 😁 The dogs loved it 😘❤️🐶🐕

Besties 😁❤️🐕🐶

Say Hello to newbie Rupert 🐶💙🐕

We are so glad to be back and playing with our besties 😁❤️🐶🐕

Welcome to our newbies Ted, Chester and Willow 🐾🐶❤