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Loughborough Students Union Computer Society Loughborough Students Union Computer Society, better known as LSUCS, is the largest union society with over 170 members.

The society is ran by a committee of 9 students and the interests of the members range from building PC's to playing games both on the PC and Consoles and everything in between.

The Computer Society hosts weekend long LAN parties 6 times a year, multi-university gaming tournaments, regular console nights and of course the weekly pub social.


Hey plebeians, we'd like to announce that we managed to raise ~£1500 towards CALM at our Charity LAN. Thank you all for being so generous and making it the second biggest LAN of the year!

LSUCS - Twitch

Change of plan everybody, screw The NUEL stream, come watch ours instead!

theNUEL - Twitch

Tonight's the first night of the Overwatch NUEL tournament, so maybe you can catch one of the Loughborough teams dominating/getting dominated (Depending upon which one's being streamed). @19:15 every Thursday We'll post in the Discord Channel if we certainly are being streamed.

Charity LAN 62

Pictures taken from LAN 62. Special thanks to Stephen Hayward for picking up the slack upon my death...

Charity LAN 62


LANs over, time to get back to work, you know what that means it's feedback time remember the next LAN(s) will be the handover to new committee so leave any advice you have to help them! With love Nick

LAN is underway, and we've commandeered the Union's official SnapChat. If you want to follow the weekends escapades, follow lborouniversity to receive our snappitysnaps. We'll also be streaming some events over the weekend, catch us live on Twitch.


Gather round children, for I bear news which you may wish to learn... The LAN van timetable is here, take a peek and hand us your baby at the stated time. Insurance can be taken on your PC to ensure no harm may come to it in transit. If you want to protect your child, PM your bank account details.

Overwatch Winter Championship - The NUEL

The NUEL Overwatch sign-ups are now open. If you've got your team together, head on over and sign up. LBORO REPRESENT!!! (Also mere hours before LAN starts... HYPEHYPEHYPE!!!!) *Note- you can never use enough exclamation marks!!!!!*

Login | LSUCS LAN62

Only an hour until LAN van and seat bookings close! Pick your favorite spot at LAN to avoid change! Get your stuff carried for you! Do the thing!

Tickets | LSUCS LAN62

Only 3 days to go now! Book your tickets now, remember you can add a donation on top too, but nonetheless, all tickets will be going to Campaign Against Living Miserably

Timeline Photos

Check out our preliminary timetable for our LAN this weekend! It's all in aid of the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably! All ticket sales and monies raised are going their way, buy your tickets here

Timeline Photos


After a long first day back at lectures, reward yourself by popping down to MNG and hop into our discord at 8p.m. Take out your sexual frustration by yelling at your friends whilst playing games which should be fun but you take way to seriously and at this point it just becomes a need that must be sated daily, like my lust for murder... So come on and have 'fun'


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