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Cargo Records UK

17 Heathmans Road, London, United Kingdom
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UK-based distributor of independent record labels.


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Mr. Mitch 'VPN' appears in Apple Music 'Next Tracks' playlist

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Iglew 'Sleep Lighter' Gobstopper Records and W W W I N G S 'LAVA (FT. ENDGAME) Planet Mu (OFFICIAL) feature in Spotify's Electronic Avant-Garde playlist

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Out now on Spotify, tracks from Ikonika, Hyperdub Records, Hayseed Dixie, Bad Paintings, Si Begg, Static Shock Records, Furs & Masks, BAD BREEDING, Co-pilgrim, Farm Music

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Isagen 'Cheerio', DJ Polo 'That Time Again' Roska Kicks & Snares and Big Spider's Back 'Light Sleeper' Hush Hush Records in Spotify Fresh Finds: Basement playlist!

Brix & The Extricated

Brix & The Extricated


New Releases Playlist, a playlist by Cargo Records on Spotify

New releases out today on Spotify from Hayseed Dixie, Average Sex, Crocodile RCRDS, Big Spider's Back, Hush Hush Records, Roska, Damrai Vent, Elsa Hewitt, PlayingHouse, Jahtari, WaqWaq Kingdom, Nick Judd, Roulette Media Records, Party Hardly, Witchgirl Recordings, The Bitter Springs - Everyone's Cup of Tea, Phil Odgers

Sonic Shocks • With their 15th album ‘Free Your Mind… and Your...

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Yannick Dauby 'Untitled A' features in Spotify Fresh Finds: Cyclone playlist Discrepant


Music industry conversations: Hicham Chadly

Irtijal'17 - XVIIth International Festival of Experimental Music in Lebanon


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London, United Kingdom
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