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SPL TESTING at ULTRA LOW FREQUENCIES (((pd))) propper droppers is the WORLDS 1st and ORIGINAL, MULTIPLE FREQUENCY SPL testing format for finding out just how LOUD your car audio sound systems can truly play Ultra Low Frequency BASS.


A busy night at the finals, with some surprising final scores!! Well done everyone!

It`s getting closer - The (((pd))) UK Finals. The U.K`s Largest Bass meet. It all happens on a Saturday afternoon / evening from 3.30pm onwards on 7th October. Everyone is welcome to turn up and boom - chill out with other bassheads and have a go at the (((pd))) competition. Entry to the (((pd))) competition is £10. ...and as you can probably see from the pictures, it`s also a trophy event. Please note there is a separate fee to get into the king of the ring show. You can book cheaper online at:

Here we go again - Another night of booming fun at Round 6 of The King Of The Ring (((pd))) Sound off. One of the UK`s largest Bass Meets . We regularly have some of the UK`s loudest vehicles turning up and giving it some in the lanes as well as demoing to everyone. We also have a few sponsors who regularly turn up at these events. If you are after equipment, advice, system builds etc then look out for the following people - they are usually not far from the SPL trailer. Henry Thomas Fairfax Harwood of Harwood acoustics for some truly inspirational builds or advice. Jodie Thompson and Mark of Car Audio Motions for Superb Quality builds and a vast array of audio equipment. Kieran Woodward of Brand Xaudio for some potent subwoofers. If you are after something else - don`t forget we are also sponsored by: Wayne Higley of Hz Audio - Importers of the superb SUndown Audio range of Monster Subwoofers and Amps. Pawel Sadzinski of Bass Hull / Alphard / Deaf Bonce - Even more monsterous Subwoofers and amps to shake your car to bits. Ground Zero / Vibe / Helix - Great Subs - Powerhouse Amps - SQ kit Bill Finch of Advanced Vehicle Alarms - for Vehicle Security - Multimedia Installations and quality JL Audio Builds. Last month we knew we would be down on numbers so throughout the evening, we had a bonus SPL test for the MySPL Leagues. We might be able to do a few Bonus SPL tests again if we feel there is enough time. Best to get there early to get the most ouf of your SPL evening ;) SPL testing starts at around 3.30pm and finishes at approx 9.30pm

A really good night, testing (((pd))) and MySPL

Well after what seems like a very long break - We are looking forwards to King Of The Ring ROUND 5. I myself have made a few changes with my silly system and I`m itching to see what or if any of my scores are any better because of it. If anybody is new to the bass scene and wants to see what happens at a "SOUND OFF" then get yourselves down to this or any of our other future (((pd))) events. You`ll get to see, hear and experience some of the U.K`s loudest low bass vehicles and you`ll probably get involved into pushing some of our competitors vehicles doors and panels etc to try and get them louder. Don`t be shy. It`s all a laugh with a family friendly atmosphere and everybody is welcome to come along. As usual SPL competition entry costs £7 online at Or it`s £10 in the lanes. Please note there is a separate entry fee to get into the king of the ring show and these can be purchased cheaper online at Happy Booming everyone :)

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