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Keeping it real information on all things Mind, Body, Skin. Learn how to keep tuned into YOUR MBS Connection! Mind Wellness, Body Confidence, SkinSmart!
Hello and welcome to my page, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda, I am a qualified Beauty and Holistic Therapist with many years experience in the industry. I have worked with several well known skin care brands, Dermalogica is my personal and work choice.  I am very passionate about skin and Dermalogica, their products consistently produce amazing results for myself and my clients.  I am proud to say I am a Dermalogica Expert, this has been achieved through their advanced and continual training plus the support they offer is fantastic.

For the past 3 years I have worked from my treatment room in my home-based business as a Skin and Holistic Expert. This has enabled me to work with clients on a one-to-one basis, offering  a unique quality service of bespoke skin treatments that are created for their individual skin and lifestyle requirements.

The experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, enables me to work with ladies at a deeper level, encouraging and supporting them on their journey of reconnecting their Mind, Body and Skin (The MBS Connection).

I live the MBS lifestyle myself, I am a Mind, Body, Skin expert. I am very passionate about living a stress-free lifestyle as possibly as I can.  This means fully embracing, accepting and loving my unique perfect imperfections, finding something positive in every day and allowing myself to be the real me. I have experiences from my own personal journey to share, some challenging, which have made me the person I am today.

I am here to educate, motivate, inspire, support, encourage, invigorate and trigger you to take action BUT in a kind, compassionate, accepting and nurturing way that is with grace and ease. This is about YOU finding your unique way around what fits you, your life and your personality .....we are all different and that's more than good enough!

There is so much information out there on health, well being, self care, self love and lifestyle....I am here to take away the confusion, overwhelm and I am here to filter the need to know stuff, the stuff that actually works, the stuff that will make a you....just the information you really need to know....the stuff that makes a real difference to YOU and YOUR life!

Please like my page to get all this information in one place....tune in daily for your regular dose of MBS Connection!

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Celery is a fantastic anti-inflammatory food, it is also super hydrating meaning it is amazing for our gut health as well as for our skin. Other healing foods that are bursting with vitamins and minerals and are very Hydrating are cucumber and melon. Both celery and cucumber can be juiced, included in salads or eaten with dips; celery can also be included in dishes like stews, curries and bolognaise sauce. Our health begins in our gut so if you have a skin challenge it may well be that the root cause is something within. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have a chat about your skin health and lifestyle. My email is Contact number 01522 300733 #newyearnewyounewskin #thereisanotherway #dermalogicaexpert #loveyourselffirst

So the January skincare challenge has begun. Caring for our skin isn’t just about the products that we use, it is also about caring for ourselves on the inside too and so I’m going to be sharing some tips on how we can nurture, nourish and hydrate ourselves from the inside so our products can work properly on the outside. Drinking warm water and lemon first thing in the morning helps to detox our liver whilst hydrating the body too. Drinking herbal teas like Jasmine, ginger and Camomile throughout the day will also help with hydration levels alongside helping reduce stress and anxiety levels, aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system and helping with sleep issues. Herbal teas also possess a unique range of antioxidants which are amazing for our skin and vitamins and minerals too. #newyearnewyounewskin #loveyourselffirst #dermalogicaexpert

Happy 2018 🎉

Would just like to thank my lovely clients for your support throughout 2017 and wishing you all a very happy Christmas 🎄

Good morning! Regardless of the weather don’t forget to wear your SPF. The sun may not be shining, however there is still a reason to protect your skin... UVA penetrates the skin and is the same strength all year round. So be sure to protect your skin from ageing and pigmentation 💕 #loveyourselffirst #thereisanotherway #dermalogicaexpert

Christmas gifts ready and waiting for my lovely clients 🎄🎅

Did I mention that I offer bespoke skin and massage treatments for men too? I love it when my clients leave feeling good ☺️ #loveyourselffirst

Good morning 💕 Wishing you a fabulous new week, make time for some “Me time” and selfcare it’s not selfish, it’s necessary. #loveyourselffirst #healthyglowingskin #dermalogicaexpert

Just love it when my clients enjoy their treatment 💕


Trolley prepped and ready for a busy day ahead 💕 Happy Friday! #healthyglowingskin #DermalogicaExpert #loveyourselffirst

Is Exfoliation really that important?


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