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Wellness Strength Training Ltd

The Cotton Mill, Unit G6, Mather Lane, Leigh, United Kingdom
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A private training facility founded in 2011, that provides high quality small group training, tailored to you. Our purpose is to prioritise your long-term health so you can achieve your long-term goals and feel empowered to change your life. Wellness Strength Training (WST) is a private training facility that has been helping people since 2009 and was founded in 2011. WST provides high quality small group training, tailored to you. We are a group of likeminded individuals and coaches who live and embrace the core values of honesty and integrity, commitment to excellence, caring and being respectful, and display grit in everything we do.

Our purpose is to prioritise your long-term health so you can achieve your long-term goals and feel empowered to change your life!

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Last week of the current 4 week phase of programmes for our adult Training For Life members this week and those who had been previous weeks all beat their previous best results in the MRC (Metabolic Resistance Challenge) 45 minute session this morning 👏💪. . Move Well - Feel Good - Live Healthier . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #trainingforlife #strength #fitness #personaltrainer #healthylifesyle #liveyoung #gym

Last week of the current 4 week phase of the programmes for our Training For Life Adult members, So this morning in the 9:30am Bars & Bells small group session instead of the usual conditioning they have been doing they ended with a fun obstacle course. . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #exerciseforthebrain #trainingforlife #movewell #movementismedicine #gym #fitness #Personaltrainer

Lots of positives from last week. Birthdays, Anniversaries and Youth members achieving both in and outside of the gym. . Move Well - Feel Good- Live Healthier . #wellnessstrength #wst #leighsdifferentgym #bestthings #positives #gym #commitmenttoexcellence #community #youthtraining #trainingforlife

Regrann from @b.d.g_strength_training_ . @leighminersrangersrugby amateur Rugby League player Tommy joined our Complete Athlete Performance programme to get help to return to playing after having an ACL knee op. After a few months into his reconditioning he had to have a second op in December to trim away cartilage which had been torn in the original injury. . This set his reconditioning back however injuries are always opportunities so we continued to train the rest of the body as normal in our adult small group sessions. Then we got back to adding in protocols to help with the knee. . On Saturday we ended the session with this open change of direction drill where Tommy had to react to the random bounce of the balls by instinctively getting his body in the right positions worked on in 'closed' drills to get to them and return them back. All a great test for his knee plus worked on his reaction time, hand eye co-ordination and conditioning. . Remember this is not a drill to just throw in with someone returning from injury. Tommy has been working through his reconditioning programme and checking off targets we like to see before adding a drill like this in. . Looking forward to his progress continuing and him returning to the field this season. . Move Well - Feel Good - Live Healthier. . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #rugbyleague #kneeinjury #aclrehab #acl #strengthandconditioning #gym #strength #power #movementasmedicine

Karen, Alex, Lisa and Linda caught in action during Friday mornings 9:45am Metabolic Resistance Challenge (MRC) challenge 45 minute session. Which in this 4 week phase of the adult Training For Life programme for our members is called 'two-halves'. This is now week 3 of them doing this workout and they all set new records 💪😀. . #wellnessstrength #wst #leighsdifferentgym #trainingforlife #gym #fitness #liveyoung #movewell #strength #girlsgonestrong #movementasmedicine

Two of our Training For Life members Sam and Irene working on prone hip extension hovers in the Movement For Life session this morning at 10am. This 45 minute session which is included in their membership which gives unlimited access to most sessions is all about making the body happy from head to toe😁. It helps address the effect aging and everyday life has on the decline in joint mobility and range of motion. It assists our clients in helping their bodies recover from training pluss the stress of everyday life. . Move Well - Feel Good - Live Healthier . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #mobility #movementasmedicine #movewell #liveyoung #healthyjoints #longtermhealth #Personaltrainer #gym #fitness

Amateur Rugby League player Thomo in Monday nights 6pm Adult SFL and Complete Athlete Performance programme session, doing some contrast training in this phase of his programme. Here he is doing Trap Bar Deadlifts followed by mini hurdle jumps to a bench jump and stick. . @leighminersrangersrugby . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #athlete #strengthandconditioning #rugbyleague #strength #power #coaching #gym #fitness

Happy Birthday to our member Holly, have a brilliant day 🎂💪🎉

Youth member and football player Sol setting a Trap Bar Deadlift personal best for 5 reps in the 5pm Youth Physical Development session on Monday night. . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #youthdevelopement #football #soccer #strength #coaching #youthathlete #youthtraining

Plenty of positives again last week. . New and returning clients in both our youth and adult programmes. . Our adult Training For Life member Kerry's son returning back to football after his brain tumor op and getting man of the match ⚽️🏆. . Mandy and Neil completed their first full week of the new client SYJ 30 day membership. . Posted about us being open 7 years and thanked all those involved past and present in another post last week. When you consider according to stats 50% of small business fail within the first five years and in E-Myth book it says 80% of those remaining after 5 years fail somewhere between years 6 and 10, getting to year 7 is definitely something to be positive about. . We are looking forward to making it past the 10 year mark and continuing to have a positive impact on our client's long-term health so they can achieve their long-term goals and change feel empowered to change their life. . Let's see what makes the board this week 💪😁. . #wellnessstrength #wst #leighsdifferentgym #bestthings #positives #movewell #community #commitmenttoexcellence #gym #coaching #personaltrainer #fitness

Happy Birthday to our member Mel Gallagher, have a brilliant day 🎂💪.

It was a busy Saturday morning to bring the weeks sessions for our client's to an end. We had our SFL (Stronger For Life) and Complete Athlete Performance programme session at 9am which is caught in action in the bottom two pictures and the top right picture. . The top right picture is one of our Amateur Rugby League clients who joined to get help after having an ACL knee op. Part of his session included 10 minutes of sled marches and drags to help build up his leg endurance as he continues to make progress to returning to play this season. . Top left was from the Movement For Life session at 10am which is all about improving joint mobility, recovery and making the body feel good from head to toe. With the adult Training For Life membership giving unlimited access to sessions it is good to see a high number always attend this session. . The morning ended with the Conditioning For Life session. Looking forward to next week as our Adult clients move into week 3 of the current 4 week phase of their programmes. . Move Well, Feel Good, Be Healthier. . #wst #wellnessstrength #leighsdifferentgym #trainingforlife #rugbyleague #strength #movewell #movementasmedicine #healthylifesyle #healthyjoints #coaching #fitness #personaltrainer

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