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Kirriemuir Camera Obscura

Barrie Pavilion, Kirrie Hill, Kirriemuir, United Kingdom
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The Barrie Pavilion which houses the Camera Obscura was gifted to the town of Kirriemuir in Angus by Sir J.M. Barrie, author of 'Peter Pan' and other works.
Large groups wishing to visit are requested to contact us by telephone or  email. Kirriemuir has one of Scotland’s four remaining Camera Obscura; in 1930 Peter Pan creator J M Barrie gifted the Camera along with the cricket Pavilion in which it is housed to his home town. The Camera provides spectacular views of the surrounding Angus Glens and countryside.

A camera obscura is a device that uses lenses and mirrors to project an image that enters through a hole at roof level downwards onto a circular screen housed in a darkened room in the roof space of the building. The device can be rotated, so the view projected onto the screen can take in a complete 360 degree panorama. The Hill of Kirriemuir offers magnificent views north to the Angus Glens and the southern edge of the Cairngorms, and this is a fitting location for what at the time would have been considered a great novelty.

Until recently the Camera was operated by the National Trust for Scotland on behalf of Angus Council but due to budget cuts it was closed.

As  local people we decided that we did not want to lose this well-loved, and very rare, attraction – it’s one of only four in Scotland - so we have formed Kirriemuir Regeneration Group.
We have come to an agreement with Angus Council to  allow us to open and manage the Pavilion and the Camera Obscura.


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Excellent afternoon yesterday at the Camera Obscura for the launch of the J.M. Barrie Literary Society. Thanks to Cally Phillips for organising the event and a big thank you to everyone who came along to also celebrate Barrie's birthday with us.

Photos from Kirriemuir Camera Obscura's post

Community snapped into action to save Kirriemuir camera obscura - The Courier

What a fantastic two years it has been for the Camera Obscura. Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us and Happy Birthday to Sir J M Barrie. Here's to many more successful and fun years on Kirrie Hill ❤

J.M.Barrie Literary Society

J.M.Barrie Literary Society

After several group tours keeping us busy over the winter months the Camera Obscura is ready to open this weekend! At this time we will be open Saturday,Sunday and Mondays from 12-4pm (weather permitting) We can still be contacted outwith these times to arrange group tours. As always if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer with us please get in touch! We depend on our volunteers and could not do this without them. Hope to see you soon!

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The camera will be open tomorrow (weather permitting) from 12-2pm as part of the Feel Good Festival being held in Kirriemuir. We hope you join us to see our lovely views or drop in for a coffee.

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