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2 Beattyville Gardens, Ilford, United Kingdom
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we have a strong reputation for quality, fresh food and service in east london. We are well known in the ilford,Barking,Romford,Red bridge,Gaints Hill and  


Happy New Year to all our customers we hope 2018 brings you good health, happiness and most importantly some amazing food. Our Tiffin service is currently fully booked and we cannot take any new customers at the moment. We can however complete roti and thepla orders as well as dinner party/ catering orders. 50 rotis - £17.50 inc delivery 50 thepla -£22.50 inc delivery 100 thepla £42.50 inc delivery 100 roti £32.50 inc delivery Our rotis and thepla are freshly made with no additives or preservatives. Many thanks Premium Tiffin Service

Telephone for the Service has changed to 07916133376

Roti and thepla order - frequently asked questions. I would just like to confirm a few details as we have had a few questions. Our rotis and theplas have NO additives or preservatives. Roti ingredients - medium flour, oil and water. Thepla- medium flour, oil water, methi, chilli powder. You can combine 50 roti and 50 thepla for £35 - this is a popular option. Delivery- once your order has been submitted we will give you a date. Your order will be couriered or sent via Royal Mail. These products can last in your freezer for up to three months however I would recommend that you consume within two months. The theplas and rotis will be packed in batches of 10. You can then freeze them and reheat as and when you need to. We have been trialling the taste, texture and quality for sometime and as with all our products we would not serve you anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Payments can be made via bank transfer or online payment link. Best wishes Meera

Hi everyone we have had a huge interest in people just wanting chappatis (rotis and theplas). Our rotis are made with medium brown flour, soft, wholesome and freshly cooked. We are able to offer nationwide delivery of our rotis. Minimum order is 100 rotis and they are freshly cooked packed and sent to you. You can then freeze them and eat them at your convenience. Once heated they are like fresh. We have a special offer at the moment with free delivery. 100 rotis (medium sized) and delivered to you for £30.00. 100 methi thepla (medium sized) £40.00 Call us now/ message us or Facebook message us to place your orders. Thanks Meera

We have been super duper busy with so apologies for not updating you with our menu. Please see next weeks menu please place your order as soon as possible. From next week we will be trialling a new delivery company. If you place your order and just confirm any specific delivery instruction and preferred slot. The more flexibility the better. Best wishes, Meera - premium tiffin Service Please text on 07714396917 Monday- Chana daal, green beans sabzi, rice and roti Tuesday black eyed beans, Aloo sabzi, rice and roti Wednesday- baingan bhartha, masoor daal, rice and roti Thursday- saag paneer, yellow moong daal, rice and roti Friday kadhi, bhindi, rice and roti

Diwali is around the corner and we have had quite a few pre orders. Please do get in touch with us to pre order for Diwali as it is our busiest period. We have lots of treats coming your way for the festive period. 16/10/17 - Rajma, Aloo Gobi, Rice and Roti 17/10/17- Chana daal, bhindi, rice and roti 18/10/17- Pakore wali kadhi, Saag Aloo, Rice and Roti 19/10/17 (Diwali) Green Mung, Aloo Baingan masala, rice and roti 20/10/17 (New year) Undhiyu (mix of green vegetables), Toor daal, rice and roti served with Gajar ka halwa 21/10 and 22/10 weekend options: (mix and match) Paneer masala, Daal Makhni, Chole, Aloo Gobi and green beans sabzi. Don't forget you can order our snack platters all week - samosas, pakoras and dhoklas. Give us a call to discuss further Best wishes Premium Tiffin Service

Apologies for the delay please see this weeks menu - week beginning 02/10/2017 Monday- masala corn on the cob curry, dum aloo, rice and thepla Tuesday- baingan bhartha, urid daal, rice and roti Wednesday- Green mung daal, cabbage sabzi, rice and roti Thursday- Rajma, mixed veg sabzi, rice and roti Friday- Pau bhaji, gujerati style pilau and salad Sunday- Chole, puri and halwa

Our special festive menu for next week is available to pre order now. 25/09/2017 Monday -Rajma, aloo gobi, rice and roti and special suji halwa Tuesday- chana daal, spinach, rice and roti Wednesday- kadhi, aloo muttar sabzi, poori and kheer Thursday- Green beans, Masoor daal, rice and roti Friday- kadai paneer, bhindi, rice, roti and srikand Saturday and Sunday closed due to special events.

Week beginning 18/09/2017 Monday- green mung daal, baingan aloo, rice and roti Tuesday- creamy corn curry, aloo gobi, pilau rice and roti Wednesday- kali daal, bhindi, rice and roti Thursday- vegetable kofta curry, lightly spiced broccoli, rice and roti Friday- masala chana, jeera aloo, rice and roti Sunday- vada, sambhar, Sichuan noodles

Menu for the week beginning 11/09/2017 Monday- Aloo Gobi and yellow moong daal, rice and roti Tuesday- Mixed green sabzi, kadhi, rice and roti Wednesday- Rajma, cabbage sabzi, rice and roti Thursday- channa daal, baingan muttar sabzi, rice and roti Friday- Paneer masala and saag aloo, ajwain parathas and rice Sunday- gujerati brunch thepla, suki aloo sabzi and dhokla

Call us today to find out if we are delivering near you 😊

Hey everyone thanks for a great response please place your orders by calling us on 07714396917 Monday- Masoor daal, baingan bhartha, rice and roti Tuesday- pakore wali kadhi, sukhi daal, rice and roti Wednesday- Toor tadka daal, green beans peas potatoes, rice and roti Thursday- Saag, masala khichdi, roti and papad Friday- Kali daal, bhindi, rice and roti Saturday- Pau bhaji, lemon rice and salad