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Hungerford, Hungerford, United Kingdom
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Rabbit, Rat, Squirrel, Corvid, Mole, fox, Crop protection and Deer management.



Short video of the collony of honeybees we extracted on Saturday.

First Honeybee extraction of the year today..

Next week we have a huge colony of Honey Bees to cut out of an old meat chiller. All the honeybees will be removed and their comb banded to empty frames in their new home- one of our hives. Production line making up empty frames. Suits are at the ready, as is the bee vac etc.. Photographs will be taken.

Noises in the loft on one cottage on a huge estate. Rodents were trapped. Upon further inspection, wires were chewed. Today we removed all insulation. Awaiting an electrician to chech all wiring before we can reinsulate. Scarey, live wires, dry lofts.. It doesnt bare thinking about..

A few moles from the last month.

A small Rabbit clearance job today. Rabbits entering a walled garden via a gate, Using the cover of a summer house during daylight hours but also Rabbit warrens on the boundary hedgerows will be cleared.

We too have non native animals etc here. The Mink, Grey Squirrel and the Signal Crayfish. All of whom we have contracts to control.

Spring at last..

3 years on and we are still battling Moles on this estate. At some point i will have a tally up to see exactly how many we have removed.

Mixed day today as per. 3 mole jobs, a mouse job in a printing factory, rats in a friends mother in laws lovely house then rats in another friends new build.. The bees will be swarming soon as will the wasps be active too. We look forward to all honeybee swarm removals, also removing colonies of honeybees to a forevermore loving home.

Spring is in the air.. One of the swarms we collected last year which have made it through the winter and are now out collecting pollen.