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clynder, Helensburgh, United Kingdom



Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching,  phobias, Anxiety/stress,weight loss,counselling Integrative therapist, Life coach professional services based in the West Coast of Scotland.
Helping you get out your own way
You are the driver of your own life.... i am merely the Sat Nav for when you get lost :)

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Keep going. And if you need someone to act as your emotional Sat Nav, when you get a bit me 💕

Are you ready to outsmart your brain?

Just take a minute and connect to yourself... what would you do differently? Do you know you want to make changes but are unsure of where to start? Thats where i come in. Contact me for an informal chat, and lets see what your journey forward could look like:)

time to change perspective?

More info appearing all the time about this

Keep going!..every step is towards where you want to go and away from where you don't want to be:) And if you need a handrail whilst you climb, then give me a shout. We all have steps to take in life. Sometimes all we need is just that initial bit of help and support.

Written by Sara Pugh 👌

Any familiar to you ?

Can you imagine yourself at a point in the future... looking back to tomorrow and remembering the changes you made TODAY ?... what future are you willing to move towards?

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