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Hastings Beer & Music Festival

The Oval, Hastings, United Kingdom
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100+ beers, 3 days, 1 enormous tent, over £1 million raised for good causes so far!


We had a great planning meeting this morning, always good fun to move around the scale cut outs of the various elements to the festival. The biggest challenge was where we put the one single toilet this year to save space 😂😂😂 (don’t worry, we’ve got toilets covered👍🏼) All those that purchased tickets over last weekends Black Friday, well done and 🙏. Will keep you updated on progress as the festival planning continues.

Our first ever Black Friday event! Get involved! Press and hold (mobile only) then click the link.

Tag a mate who loves Hastings Beer & Music Festival. You DO NOT want to miss this 😉

It may well be November, we've had Halloween, Fireworks and now some of us are thinking about Christmas. The rest of us at the Hastings Round Table are busy thinking about Summer 2018 and the next beer and music festival ! Today we met with Hastings Borough Council about finalising the plans for next year, and all i can say is its exciting stuff ! 🍺🍺🍺

Hastings Beer and Music Festival 2018

We did it! Tens of thousands raised for local good causes. This will be distributed by the Hastings Round Table across the next year. A fantastic amount, so thank you! See you next year - 5th to 7th July 2018

10 blokes from the Hastings Round Table, 200 volunteers, 90 different ales, 8000 pints of beer and cider, 2km of beer piping, 10,000 of you folks and tens of thousands of pounds raised for local good causes. Final total of how much we've raised is coming soon. Watch this space!

Brilliant photographs from Saturday night ! Thanks Chris.

What an image! Credit: Nathan White

Third and final rubbish sweep done this evening (yes in this weather!; )... three items found... - iPhone 6 or 7, white. (Very broken but might be fixable) - iPhone 6 or 7 plus (same as above) - jabra Bluetooth ear piece. If you're missing any of the above please message us asap.

Hard to believe that less than 48 hours ago there were three large tents, a sound stage, 25 tonnes of beer and 10'000 people. We're continuing the clear up and have been up there today picking up cigarette buts, cable ties and lots of extraordinary rubbish and hope to have the site clear very soon so that you can all go back to walking dogs and playing up there. Thank you for your patience as we do a final clear of all items and rubbish. 👍🏼


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