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John Strand MK Ltd

12-22 Herga Road, Harrow, United Kingdom
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John Strand MK Ltd has been established for over 30 years and in this time we have become an authority on compact living solutions; specialising in mini-kitchens, wallbeds and tables. Wall beds, mini kitchens, kitchenettes and hideaway conceleaved kitchens.

Specialist suppliers to trade and direct to consumer via our website.

Innovative furniture solutions for small spaces and specialised in kitchens and single room solutions.



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Kitchens and tricky spaces!

So many clever ideas to lift from this Houzz story. If you need design help or products for your small space come and check us out.

ITH460 Italian Hideaway Kitchen Large | John Strand MK

Our stylish small kitchens perfect for small apartments:

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Timeline Photos

Perfect kitchens for your staff room. Practical, compact and cool.

Timeline Photos

Find out about projects, products or buy online at our great new website!

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Awesome free-standing wall beds.

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John Strand MK Ltd's cover photo

John Strand MK Ltd

John Strand MK Ltd