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Sarah's Childminding Service

, Hampton, United Kingdom
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Quality care and learning in a nurturing home environment.  A little bit about me:

I have worked in Childcare and Education for many years; Nanny, Play-worker, Nursery Practitioner and Manager. My most recent employment was in a local sixth form college teaching and assessing Cache level 1,2 and 3 Childcare and Education Diploma courses. I held the position of Deputy of Early Years and Education and Internal Quality Assurer.

As a working Mum I have used a variety of childcare provisions over the years and feel that the home setting always comes out on top; children receive a more personalised care and learning with support and flexibility for working parents.The home environment helps children to settle; continuity of care, closer bonds and attachments with less transitions, familiarity and smaller numbers of children foster security and promote a relaxed atmosphere.

My ethos:

Children need to be valued and respected for their individuality, efforts, opinion and feelings. I aim to create an environment that nurtures every child. Children in my care will feel safe and secure, be listened to, confident and happy. Children develop holistically and every child's needs must be at the centre. I firmly believe a child's emotional and social development is central to their learning. A child who has a positive early years experience will be more likely to progress and achieve.

I am passionate about play, "play is a child's work" therefore how children learn. I aim to facilitate creative and fun activities, experiences and opportunities within my home and the outside environment. Your child will be free to create, explore and discover, building on what they already know and acquire new skills. I plan to create an environment that incorporates many approaches to learning.

Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy working with young children, I find the role extremely rewarding and there are never two days the same. I hope all the children in my care enjoy their time with me just as much as I enjoy working with them.