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The Flying Pig

Greystones, Halifax, United Kingdom



a brand new village pub designed for comfort , relaxation and copious amounts of your favourite alcoholic beverage :) .cask ales is our speciality !  


One for your diary‚Äôs guys. Due to popular demand. Land Lubbers coming to the Flying Pig 🐷 Saturday April 21st 8pm till late all welcome. Will be a fabulous evening. Come and join in the fun.

weekly update by your illiterate Pig :) its FFFFFFFFFFF Friday 😍.we at the Pig have comissioned a laboratory to carry our scientific tests on our products .the results are astounding ! tests confirm that customers are 100% guarenteed to leave our cosy little ale house feeling happier than when they arrived .( subject to liquid consumption ) . what better excuse do you need to get out of that shackletons high seat and mosy on down this weekend . pigs get lonely too 🐷. make it a date xxx

enough is enough , this little pigs been quiet too long ! fell victim to swine fever , its doing the rounds you know :( .somebody please remind me what day it is and more importantly what happens starting today ? ) ,dont need to be in mensa to figure out its friday and the start of THE WEEKEND !!!! . why dont we all get out our little jam jars , put a load of coins in a purse ( no home made ones please ) ,get on yer trotters and enter the magical world of alcohol and laughter that is " YOUR FLYING PIG " !! . we are considering introducing a register to allow us to name and shame frequently missing customers . anyone missing for more than one week will be asked to produce a note signed by your mother ,😉. you have been warned .love to all our piglets and hope to see you real soon 🐷 xxx ps bring your pals along and if you havent got any , come and make some !!

Friday again !!! and the place is like an absolute sty 🐷. ive got an idea , dry january is so yesterday so why dont you dig out your frock 👗( not reccomended for gents ) put on some lippy 👄 ,get him to have his weely shave 🐺 and head on down to your friendly " flying pig " residence for a pint or 4 , a good old chinwag and good company !! love to see you all this weekend xxxx .the Publican Pig 🐖🐖

unsure as i am of the noise thay a pig would make when extremely happy but "oink oink " will have to do 🐷. a huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to either like or follow our special little place at Wheatley . 200 likes is a milestone for us and its not just about the quantity but also about the top quality customers that we now have . love you all and please continue to spread the word xxxxx

this little piggy went to market thiss little piggy stayed ay home this little piggy had roast beef this little piggy had none but this little " flying piggy " has a cellar full of cool cask ales , refreshing gins and a log burner on full !!! its is friday after all :) love to see you all this weekend for a christmas debrief !!

dear customers ,neighbours ,boozers ,FRIENDS . a message of appreciation to all of the above for your support since our doors opened . our facebook page is rapidly gaining members and is full of great reviews and commemts . we hope to see in the new year with as many of you as possible and if you have already made plans please call in for a pre drink en-route . finally we would like to wish you all a happy new year and look forward to making new friends and planning events in 2018 . party on peoples :) :) :) XXXX

Evening ladies and gentlemen, apologies today that the bar is closed, all staff at the moment are spending quality time with their families, so business will resume as normal tomorrow, hope to see you all soon 😊

Boxing day ( without the boxing ) :) your not so smelly Pig would love to see all of his new found friends today for a festive drink or 2 or 3 or 4 !! . please call in and celebrate with us xx .dont forget that we have a free buffet being served at 5pm today . oink oink 🐷

YO HO HO peoples just to let you know that our doors will be open and ready to greet you on christmas eve from 12 noon. please join us for a festive chilled out drink and yule tide banter . we are closed christmas day , tending to the stable and manger but we are good to go on boxing day from 12 noon . we will be serving a free buffet at 5 pm ( for anyone with any space left from christmas day ) :) on new years eve we would love your company and offer free buffet snack food and a free drink to all of our customers , celebrate with us !! our doors will be closed jan 1st and 2nd but then everything is back to normal . we hope you all have a safe and happy christmas and wish you all a very happy new year . we have big plans for 2018 and each and every one of you are included !!!!! see you soon love , your friendly Pig xxx

dear little piglets , just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to either visit us , like our page , comment or post a review . re launching a pub is a hard task , and without your support we simply could not succeed .if we continue to see such lovely supportive people ,likes , comments and shares over the next few months we are confident that we can create a great local boozer for great locals . hope to see you over the Christmas holidays xxxxx p.s. heres a little tune for you :)

the pig thinks you might like this tune :) its as smooth as our cask ales .looking forward to seeing lots of local faces this festive weekend .

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