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It's all about the journey, my journey. The Ups the Downs the good with the bad. It's all good and worth every god damn minute...  


PLEASE SHARE GUYS 🖤🖤🖤 I'm ready to accept new clients for sessions I have made available, for a limited period only !!! Are you ready too.....🖤🖤🖤 Stop looking in the mirror and not like what you see ?🖤 Get confident again and feel good about yourself ?🖤 Become fit and healthy ? Then get to your ideal weight ?🖤 Work in a private gym, No onlookers . Proper 121 attention and support. Nutrition Support. Workouts tailored to you alone. Grab a bargain with my awesome promotion?🖤 If all the above applies to you and you actually want to start instead of putting it of till tomorrow, txt me now. 🖤 You won't regret it guys I promise.🖤 Ask questions on my page, see review's , I'm honest reliable and will work hard with you to achieve your goals.🖤🖤🖤

Before n after pics 🖤 Today was exceptional for me in more ways than one.. This guy here, my biggest supporter , who believes in me and in the most easy way pushes me to succeed.. He stayed by my side and wen I felt it was getting tough he reminded me it wasn't and I spurred myself on again. I took 3 mins of my Paisley 10k doing it in 1 hour 10mins today . I relished in the rain and found belief that I can actually do this shit. It was amazing today and I was totally buzzing wen we finished, so much so that Pat finally made me give in to do the 1/2 marathon next year. So the challenge has been set and training will commence yet again. 🖤 How on earth did this happen, me loving this sport. Great friends and support along with an awesome coach. Thanks to everyone today for your messages and encouragement it was more than appreciated. Pat thanks to you especially . Love you babe🖤🖤🖤

Today is finally here .All the training , practice runs are done.. Time has run out 😂. I'm not going to lie I've been dreading it for days , worrying about the course, the amount if people that will be there, if I'll be able to do it or finish it. It's been months training for it, run after run, k after k and now my bottle has left the building 😐. I have set no time, No k time but just to run and get it finished. So my head needs to be in a gd place when it starts, my mind will need to control the pain I know I'm gonna feel, knees have been shit the last run was horrendous and this is scaring me, the last k was more than a struggle it was an outright battle. Focus and the will to succeed has to be my mind set aswell as determination. My partner in crime, my coach , my Hubble has every faith in me and don't want to let him down, he's worked hard to get me here and worked me hard to believe I can do it. Thanks babe you've been truly patient 😁 Anyway here's to a good run and a positive day and hope that body permitting I do get a reasonable time lol. 🖤🖤🖤

SESSION AVAILIBILTY THURS 7 TO 8 IS NOW AVAILIBLE. PM ME IF YOU ARE READY TO GET FIT, HEALTHY AND SKINNY. PRIVATE GYM NO ONLOOKERS 24/7 SUPPORT GREAT DEAL FOR 4 WEEK BLOCK BOOKINGS PM NOW BEFORE IT GOES AND OFFER ENDS 🖤🖤🖤 BOOTCAMP Guys just a wee update, Saturday 7th 0ctober is now fully booked. Saturday the 14th has 2 slots only. I know coming to a Boot Camp can be scary and if you have not worked out for a while it can be scarier. I can assure you this is not ure normal Boot Camp, you will not be training to become a soldier 🤣. You will however be coming to get fit, work hard, work in a friendly team of 10 environment. You will gain confidence, get motivated and be supported. We are all in it together.🖤🖤🖤 Get booking in, you won't regret it 🖤 Come and join our wee team

This about sums it up for me. Today I have already cleaned all my house. Done my weekly shop. Prepped our dinner and my lunch for tomorrow. Meeting my bestie for lunch. Training 3 clients tonight. Training myself tonight. Prepping for work tomorrow. Then dinner with my Hubble. If I didn't eat healthy,train and get a descent sleep half of the above would not get done. Training brings energy and vitality and good health . Without it I don't think I'd survive or be fit enough to do wat i do on a daily basis. It also clears your mind and allows you to function and be able to organise your time in a non stressful way. I love wat i do and love encouraging ppl to give it a bash, they soon believe in the power and life becomes less of a mess and they reep the benefits. 🖤 My job is also to be a life coach, to maintain a healthy mind set for my clients and to de stress them whenever I can, motivate them and give them confidence and teach them coping mechanisms, if your mind is healthy you can cope better, if you train your body it becomes fitter and if you eat healthy your body becomes a machine.🖤🖤🖤

A big shout out to all my clients this week. I came bak from my hols to find them all determined and motivated and ready to kick ass 💪 All the girls are strong , willing to give anything a go and improving their teqnique and form every week. Their fitness levels have increased along with their confidence..Its amazing watching these woman gain all the above and my privilege to be their trainer. Truly an awesome crew.. 2 new clients started with me this week too who kicked butt and worked extremely hard and are ready to get strong, fit n healthy. Also really excited about meeting my other 3 new girls next week, all prepared to join us in our success, we can do this my lovelies.🖤 I'm so lucky to be a part of all your journeys and be able to watch you guys succeed and achieve your goals. Massive well done. 🖤🖤🖤

Still a couple of spaces left ladies for my Boot Camp 🖤🖤🖤

Well that's me home. Had a blast altho it's gd to be home and bak to normal.. Nice feeling the cold air on my face this morning stepping of the plane. Back to being busy but glad. Un packed , house cleaned and a visit to c my babies later which I'm so looking forward too. 10k to run later and clients tonite, was I ever away💪 .. Ah good to be home 🖤🖤🖤

I'm so proud of myself. Last wee session done in the hotel gym..ive worked my ass of every 2nd nite but sadly only ran twice but that's better than nowt. I promised myself and gave myself a goal to eat clean and train and I actually did it 😁 The food is so healthy here it wasn't hard but in saying that they had the bad stuff too.. I resisted well except for these tiny wee pastries that just had to be had, they were like the size of a custard cream, I know how to indulge haha. Anyway home tomorrow nite, lots on and plans to be made but never been happier or healthier 🖤🖤🖤

Well done to one of my wee clients Lynn who has done an amazing job over the last few weeks. She came to me feeling very de motivated and very fed up. Lynn is now 5lbs lighter , alcohol free and food preping. One session per week with me and my boot camp and already successfully on her way to achieving her goals. She's feeling motivated and feeling more positive. You've done a awesome job so far Lynn. My wee warrior. 🖤🖤🖤


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