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Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions, which enable the future of mobility. We are Aptiv – an advanced technology company with a proven history of enabling mobility. Operating as Delphi, we pioneered advances in the industry. Now, as Aptiv, we’re more dedicated than ever to bringing the next generation of autonomous vehicles, smart cities and connectivity to life.

We’re at the forefront of solving mobility’s toughest challenges. We have the people, experience, know-how and confidence to turn ideas into solutions. Solutions that move our world from what’s now to what’s next while connecting us like never before.


V2V can see what the driver and sensors can't. It's enabling vehicles to talk to each other and help drivers avoid accidents. Learn more:

Our team in Mountain View, Calif. is conducting research on how real people interact with autonomous vehicles. We're applying these insights into the cars of today, and tomorrow.

We're seeking dreamers who do. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest career opportunities:

At Aptiv, we have the opportunity to help change the way passengers use vehicles and the way a city functions. It's our move.

How do cars actually drive themselves? Aptiv's autonomous driving platform explained:

What's the greatest challenge for self-driving cars? Data. Lots and lots of data. See how we're not only processing it, but leveraging it.

Excitement. Awe. Boredom? We captured the range of emotions for more than 400 people who rode in a self-driving car at CES. These are our favorite reactions.

If you followed CES, you saw that the race toward self-driving cars is on. Our CTO explains:

The computing platform in Aptiv’s self-driving cars can make decisions 34,000 times faster than the human brain.

Last week at CES, we gave more than 400 consumers a ride in our self-driving cars. And they loved it.

Mashable lists Aptiv among the Best Tech of CES.

Recently announced, we’re extending our self-driving pilot project with Lyft on the streets of Las Vegas. Fortune shares the details: